Albany 2019: 20th Conversation - Details

category image Albany 2019
Conversation 20
June 11-15 2019
Adenine Press (2019)

Young Scientists Speaker Program

Professionally young researchers at the rank of assistant professors, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students, will be selected to provide oral presentations from the abstracts submitted for poster + lecture presentation. Usually time is given for a short lecture of 10-15 minutes to present the highlights, and the details will be discussed during the poster presentation.

Young scientists interested in this category should submit the abstract and a photograph. If accepted for "poster+lecture", the abstract and the photograph of the speaker will be published

All young professionals selected to give lectures belong to this category of "lecture + poster". The applicants may indicate which session they wish to speak. However, the final decision will be made by the Cmte. If the submission is not selected for poster + lecture, the candidate may be selected to present the results as a poster only.

In several cases, a senior scientist nominates a young person, and the abstract is reviewed and decision is made by the Organizing Cmte. In many cases, in the registration form, the young person makes a request for giving a "lecture + poster".

We urge the young professionals from India, Russia and FSU countries to submit their abstracts much earlier so that they can obtain the required US Visa on time. Sometimes it takes a several months to get the Visa.

Ramaswamy H. Sarma
Department of Chemistry
State University of New York
Albany NY 12222 USA

email: rhs07@albany.edu

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