Theoretical Biochemistry

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Theoretical Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Volumes One and Two, Hardcover 1991

Editors: D. Beveridge & R. Lavery ISBN 0-940030-28-4 Two Volume Set;
ISBN 0-940030-33-9 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-34-9 Volume 2

Editorial Review
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Volume 1, DNA, reviews the current state of research in the field through 26 articles by leading researchers. The introduction summarizes earlier developments, such as the Monte Carlo method, molecular dynamics, and computer simulation. The articles themselves address the application of these and other techniques to the investigation into the nature and behavior of biological molecules, in this volume focusing on DNA. Volume 2, Proteins, provides similar coverage in 24 articles. Both volumes include color plates to clarify phenomena where color-coding techniques are useful. The volumes are available individually (v.1, 33-0; v.2, 34-9). Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Theoretical Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Volume 1

D. Beveridge & R. Lavery

Contents Volume 1

Aspects of Oligonucleotide Structures in Solution: A Conformational and Thermodynamic Approach with the Aid of NMR Spectroscopy
Cornelis Altona

Monte Carlo Studies of DNA Solvation: Our Path to the Double Helix
D. L. Beveridge, P. Subramanian, B. Jayaram and S. Swaminathan

Search Strategies, Minimization Algorithms, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Exploring Conformationl Spaces of Nucleic Acids
Tamar Schlick, Brian E. Hingerty, Charles S. Peskin, Michael L. Overton and Suse Broyde

Supercomputers and Supercomputing in Chemical Research and Development
Enrico Clementi

Conformational Properties of Circular DNA’s
M. D. Frank-Kamenetskii and A. V. Vologodskii

Succinct Macromolecular Models: Application to Supercoiled DNA
Robert K.-Z. Tan and Stephen C. Harvey

Are Free Energy Calculations Necessary? A Comparison of DNA Modeling Studies
David C. Pearlman and Peter A. Kollman

The Tautomerism of the Nucleic Acid Bases Revisited: From Non-Interacting to Interacting Bases
Jösef S. Kwiatowski and Willis B. Pearson

Modeling DNA and Its Interactions: Techniques and Applications
Richard Lavery and Krystyna Zakrzewska

Electric and Elastic Instabilities of DNA
Gerald S. Manning

Drug-DNA Intercalation: The Design of New Anti-Cancer Agents by Computer-Modeling Methods
Stephen Neidle

Base Sequence Effects in Linear and Closed Circular Double Helical DNA
Wilma K. Olson, A. R. Srinivasan, Nancy L. Marky, Rachid C. Maroun, Marla S. Babcock, Janet Cicariello, Marcia O. Fenley, Ming-Hong Hao, and Jeffrey Nauss

The Structure of the Electrolyte Environment of DNA
George R. Pack, Gene Lamm, Linda Wong and David Clifton

Investigation of Nucleic Acid Structure and Functioning by Computations on Intermolecular and Intramolecular Energy Using Atom-Atom Potential Functions
V. I. Poltev

Atomic Partial Charges for Nucleic Acids From X-Ray Diffraction Data
David A. Pearlman and Sung-Hou Kim

On the Use of Empirical Potentials in Studies of Base Stacking in DNA
Jiri Sponer and Jaroslav Kypr

Theoretical Studies of the Thermodynamic Consequences of Interactions of Ions with Polymeric and Oligomeric DNA: The Preferential Interaction Coefficient and Its Application to the Thermodynamic Analysis of Electrolyte Effects on Conformational Stability and Ligand Binding
M. Thomas Record, Jr., Martha Olmsted and Charles F. Anderson

Molecular Mechanism of Base Substitutional Mutations: From Hydrogen Bonding to Molecular Dynamics
Masayuki Shibabta, Theresa Julia Zielinski and Robert Rein

Bioreductive Anti-Cancer Drugs
W. Graham Richards and Christopher A. Reynolds

Straight and Curved DNA: Structural Variability Revisted
Manju Bansal and V. Sasisekharan

The Potentials of Mean Force (PMF) Approach for Treating Ionic Effects on Biomolecular Structures in Solution
Dikeos Mario Soumpasis, Angel Garcia, Reinhard Klement and Thomas Jovin

Applications of Theoretical Chemistry Techniques to Some Problems in Cancer Research
Colin Thomson

DNA as Chromatin Organizer
E. N. Trifonov

Modeling of DNA Interactions
Francoise Vovelle and Julia M. Goodfellow

Computer-Aided Structural Biochemistry of Ribonucleic Acids
E. Westhof, P. Romby, C. Ehresmann and B. Ehresmann

Sequence-Dependent Variability of A and B-DNA. Bending, Torsional and Stretching Flexibility, Interconversion of Sugar Rings and Bulged-Out Structures
V. B. Zhurkin, A. A. Gorin, A. A. Charakhchyan and N. B. Ulyanov

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