Albany 2001: The 12th Conversation

The Program

Albany 2001: The 12th Conversation in Biomolecular Stereodynamics
The First Conversation of the Twenty First Century
State University of New York, Albany, June 19-23, 2001

The Albany Conversation program was started in 1979. This is our twenty first year, and we are now ready to launch the 12th Conversation, the First Conversation of the Twenty First century. As has been the tradition, we aim to bring the leaders of the discipline, and intermingle them very freely with the developing young scientists, the graduate and post-doctoral students within the matrix of a large research university. We talk and talk about biological structure, dynamics, interactions and expression. The conference roughly has about 35-40 lectures by leading scientists, and an equal number, but short, lectures by young scietists who are selected from abstracts submitted for poster presentation. We display at the same time some 250 poster discussion papers. We anticipate between 400-500 delegates of diverse background from over 20 countries for these continuing conversations.

In behalf of the University and the Organizing Committee, I cordially invite you, your associates, and students to join us for Albany 2001 and share with us the various research results.

Organizing Committee
David L.Beveridge, Maxim Frank-Kamenetskii, Goutam Gupta, Udo Heinemann, Kees Hilbers, Robert Jernigan, Neville Kallenbach, David Lilley, Dino Moras, Bengt Nordén, Ruth Nussinov, Wilma Olson, Alexander Rich, Wofram Saenger, Ramaswamy H.Sarma, Nadrian Seeman, Zippora Shakked, Edward Trifonov, Christopher J. Turner and Victor Zhurkin.
Ramaswamy H. sarma, 518-456-9362/518-442-4454; Fax: 518-452-4955 email: rhs07@albany.edu

Inaugural Session
In the continuing tradition of excellence, Albany 2001 will commence celebrating the triumph of structural biology with a reception on the evening of June 19th, and begin on the morning of the 20th with an inaugural address by the legendary Max Ferdinand Perutz, Nobel Prize 1962 who will introduce the session in memory of Paul Sigler. Others lecturing in this Sigler session are: Alan Fersht (University of Cambridge, UK), Joseph Schlessinger (NYU), Don Crothers (Yale) and Nick Cozzareli (UC Berkeley).

Evening Lectures
Albany Conversation tradionally holds long evening lectures in currently fast developing areas. This year the topic will be high NMR spectroscopy in structural biology. The lectures will be by Kurt Wuthrich (ETH) and Ad Bax (NIH).

Structural Genomics
Albany Conversation discusses and debates the visions and plans for structural genomics. The lecture on protein genomics by Steve Burley (Rockefeller) and that on RNA genomics by Jennifer Doudna (Yale).

Ribosome: Structure and Dynamics


  • Alexander Rich, MIT


  • Peter Moore, Yale
  • Francois Franchessi, MPI, Berlin, Germany
  • Harry Noller, UC, Santa Cruz
  • Joachim Frank, Wadsworth Center
  • Marin van Heel, Imperial College, London, UK

Closing remarks

  • Ada Yonath, Weizmann, Israel

Polymerase Session: Lectures by:

  • Tom Steitz, Yale
  • Seth Darst, Rockefeller
  • Tomi Ellenberger, Harvard

Other Sessions and Microsymposia

  • DNA Based Nanotechnology
  • Experimentation with Single Molecules
  • Recombination Proteins
  • DNA, RNA, and their Protein and Drug Complexes
  • Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • Biomolecular Simulation and Frontiers of Protein Structure
  • Nucleic Acids and Proteins of Early Life

New sessions may be added depending upon certain emrgency developments in the discipline, as the Conversation nears its commencement.

Speakers, Chairs and Guests of Albany 2001, The 12th Conversation, as of December 2000

Andrianov, Alexander, Balarus Academy of Sciences, Belarus pkp4@fpost.belpak.minsk.by
Andrushchenko, V., Univ. of Calgary, vandrush@ucalgary.ca
Antony, T., Max Plank Insti, Goettingen, Germany tantony@gwdg.de
Arnott, S., CRC, London, UK, essaie@icr.ac.uk
Arnott, G. M., Ingelow House, London, UK, gretaarnott@hotmail.com
Balagurumoorthy, P., Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ, pichuman.balagurumoorthy@asu.edu
Banavali N. K., Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore MD, nbanaval@umaryland.edu
Baranger, Anne M, Wesleyan University, abaranger@mail.wesleyan.edu
Barsky, Daniel., Lawrence Livermore Lab, Berkeley, CA barsky@llnl.gov
Barth, Marita, MIT marita@mit.edu
Bax, A., National Institutes of Health, bax@nih.gov
Baxter, S., Wadsworth Labs, Albany, NY, baxter@wadsworth.org
Berezovsky, I., Weizmann, Israel, Igor.Berezovsky@weizmann.ac.il
Beveridge, D., Wesleyan Univ., dbeveridge@wesleyan.edu
Bichenkova, Elena, V., Univ.of Manchester, UK, elena@fs1.pa.man.ac.uk
Bing Sun, New York Univ. bs438@is9.nyu.edu
Bischoff. G., Martin Luther Univ., Halle, Germany, bischoff@biochemtech.uni-halle.de
Bischoff., R., Sensobi Sensoren Ltd, Halle, Germany, bischoff@sensobi.de
Bishop, K. D., Bucknell University, PA, kdbishop@bucknell.edu
Bishop, T. C., Tulane University, Tulane, LA, bishop@tulane.edu
Blake, R., Univ. Maine. blake@maine.maine.edu
Boon, E. M., Caltech boon@caltech.edu
Braun, E., Technion, Israel, erez@physics.technion.ac.il
Brosius, J.,Univ. of Muenster, Germany, RNA.world@uni-muenster.de
Broyde, S., New York Univ., broyde@nyu.edu
Burley, S., Rockefeller Univ., burley@mail.rockefeller.edu
Cassidy, Rachel., Johns Hopkins Univ., cassidy@jhu.edu
Cao, En-hua, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China,caoeh@sun5.ibp.ac.cn
Champ, P. C., Oregon State Univ., champ@mailbox.orst.edu
Chatfield, D., Florida International Univ., chatfiel@fiu.edu
Chattopadhyaya, R., Bose Institute, Calcutta, India, raja@boseinst.ernet.in
Chattopadhyaya, J., Univ. Uppsala, Sweden, jyoti.chattopadhyaya@bioorgchem.uu.se
Cheatham III, Thomas, E, University of Utah, Salt lake City, Utah tec3@utah.edu
Chen, F. M., Tennessee State Univ., Nashville, TN fchen@tnstate.edu
Chen, B., Boston Univ., bzchen@chem.bu.edu
Cherny, D. I., Max Planck Insti., Goettingen, Germany dtcherny@mpc186.mpibpc.gwdg.de
Chin, Ko-Hsin., National Chung-hsing Univ., Taichung, Taiwan, angood1@yahoo.com.tw
Chou,S.-H., National Chung-hsing Univ., Taichung, Taiwan, shchou@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Chowdhury, S., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, shiba@mbu.iisc.ernet.in
Cieplak, P., Univ. of California, San Francisco, cieplak@cgl.ucsf.edu
Clore, M., National Institutes of Health, clore@speck.niddk.nih.gov
Colasanti, Andrew, Rutgers University, andrewc@rutchem.rutgers.edu
Cowburn, D., New York Structural Biology Center, cowburn@rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Cowsik, Sudha M, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India scowsik@hotmail.com
Cozzareli, N., UC Berkeley, ncozzare@socrates.berkeley.edu
Crothers, D., Yale Univ., donald.crothers@yale.edu
Dabrowiak, J. C., Syracuse Univ., jcdabrow@syr.edu
Danilov, V.I., Ukrane Acad. Sci., Kiev, Ukrane, vid@gluk.org
Darst, S., Rockefeller Univ., darst@mail.rockefeller.edu
Dedon, P.C., MIT., pcdedon@MIT.EDU
Dickerson, R. E., UCLA, red@ewald.mbi.ucla.edu
Deng, Junpeng, Ohio State Univ., jdeng@chemistry.ohio-state.edu
Ding, B, New York University., bd317@nyu.edu
Diep, T. D, Boston Univ., truc@bu.edu
Doudna, Jennifer, Yale Univ., doudna@mail.csb.yale.edu
Dolinnaya, Nina, G., Moscow State Univ., Moscow, Russia dolinnaya@hotmail.com
Douglas, K. T., Univ. of Manchester, UK, ken.douglas@man.ac.uk
Dixit, S. B., Wesleyan Univ., sdixit@wesleyan.edu
Dzhelyadin T. R., Inst. Cell Biophysics of RAS, Pushchino, Russia, kamzolova@icb.psn.ru
Egelman, E., Univ. of Virginia, egelman@virginia.edu
Ellenberger, T., Harvard, tome@hms.harvard.edu
Elkins, Kelly, M., Clark University, kelkins@clarku.edu
Estock, M. L., Boston Univ., mestock@chem.bu.edu
Evans,E., Univ. British Columbia, BC, Canada, evans@physics.ubc.ca
Fadrna, E., Masryk Univ, Brno, Czech Republic evaf@chemi.muni.cz
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Fedorova, O. S., Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibrisk. fedorova@niboch.nsc.ru
Fenley, M., Washington Univ., At Louis, sfenley@artsci.wustl.edu
Fersht, A., Univ. of Cambridge, UK, hjt1001@cam.ac.uk
Flathers, J., Boston Univ., flathers@bu.edu
Flodell, Sara., Umea Univ., Sweden sara.flodell@chem.umu.se
Fojta, M., Acad. Sciences of Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic fojta@ibp.cz
Fojtova, M., Acad. Sciences of Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic fojtova@ibp.cz
Franceschi, F., Max-Planck Insti., Berlin, Germany, Franceschi@molgen.mpg.de
Frank, J., Wadsworth Labs, Albany, NY, joachim@wadsworth.org
Frank-Kamenetskii, M. D., Boston Univ., mfk@bu.edu
Frederick Mathieu, New York Univ. Frederick Mathieu
Furong Liu, New York Univ. fql0629@is2.nyu.edu
Gimzewski, J., Univ. of California Los Angeles, gim@chem.ucla.edu
Gmeiner, W., Wake Forrest Univ., bgmeiner@wfubmc.edu
Gabrielian, Anna., Inst. Mol. Biol., NAS, Armenia, allahov@netsys.am
Gagna, C. E., New York Institute of Technology, NY, dr.c.gagna@att.net
Godde, James, City Univ. of New York, Brooklyn, NY, jgodde@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Goel, Anita., Harvard Univ. goel@physics.harvard.edu
Gontareva, Natalia., Institute of Cytology, St Petersburg, Russia. ngontar@mail.cytspb.rssi.ru
Gorenstein, D., Univ. of Texas, Galvenston, david@nmr.utmb.edu
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Hannoush, R. N., McGill University, Montreal, Canada, hannoush@chemistry.mcgill.ca
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Jamieson, E. R., Boston Univ., erjamie@chem.bu.edu
Jacobs, S., Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, saj4r@virginia.edu
Jeff Birac, New York Univ. jjb234@is2.nyu.edu
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Jiang, L. F., Wesleyan University, ljiang@wesleyan.edu
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