Albany 2001

category image Biomolecular
SUNY at Albany
June 19-23, 2001

The National Stable Isotope Resource at Los Alamos. An NIH Supported Resource.

The National Stable Isotope Resource at Los Alamos (SIR) advances biomedical applications of compounds labeled with the stable isotopes C-13, N-15, O-17, O-18, and Se-77. The SIR develops new, efficient routes for synthesizing stable-isotope-labeled compounds, provides training in the synthesis and applications of labeled compounds, and distributes labeled compounds that are not readily available from commercial sources to accredited investigators.

The current focus of the SIR core research is development of efficient synthesis routes for labeled amino acids and nucleotides. Stable isotopes have properties that make them useful for a variety of spectroscopic techniques, including mass spectrometry, NMR, ESR, and vibrational methods particularly IR and Raman spectroscopy. Recent developments have shown that these techniques have unprecedented potential for studying the structure and function of proteins, RNA, and DNA.

Our ability to apply these techniques to important problems in biology and medicine depends on the availability of isotopically labeled compounds. The SIR is developing methods for the site-specific labeling of amino acids and nucleotides for mechanistic and dynamic studies of macromolecules. In addition, the SIR is developing methods for producing uniformly N-15 and C-13- labeled proteins and nucleic acids for NMR structural studies.

The SIR promotes the use of stable isotopically labeled compounds by:

  • hosting and advising scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and students in synthesis and application of stable isotopically labeled compounds,
  • developing active research collaborations with the biomedical community,
  • synthesizing labeled compounds for accredited investigators,
  • providing NMR analysis and data interpretation of isotopically labeled compounds, and
  • transferring labeling technologies to the isotope industry.
  • We will outline some of the synthetic routes developed at SIR and present the database of compounds currently available and under development. The possibilities for collaborative research will also be discussed.

    Ryszard Michalczyk, Jurgen Schmidt, Rodolfo A. Martinez, Louis A. "Pete" Silks III, Clifford J. Unkefer

    Bioscience Division, B-S1, MS G758, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545,
    phone: (505) 667-7918, fax: (505) 667-0110, email: rmichalczyk@lanl.gov