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Albany 2015
Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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The Influence of Non-Thermal Coherent Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves on the Thermal Expansion Coefficients of DNA Solutions

Recently it has been shown that the DNA thermal capacity is increased by 1°C after irradiation with 64.5 GHz and 50.3 GHz frequencies resonant for water structure (Kalantaryan et al., 2014). It was supposed that under the influence of non-thermal coherent millimeter electromagnetic waves (MEW) dehydration of [Na+] ions and DNA solution has taken place.

In this study we investigated the effect of MEW (t<90 min of irradiation) on DNA densities depending on temperature. Our measurements show that the density of DNA solution is increased by 10g/cm 3 depending on irradiating time (sensitivity of densitometer was 10g/cm3). Moreover, the experiments indicate no significant change in the coefficient of surface tension of DNA irradiated with MEW suggested non-thermal low intensity radiation transfer into the deeper layers of solution.

According to the densitometric data obtained for buffer and DNA water solution, α thermal expansion coefficient depends on temperature (T) is calculated (Kalantaryan et al., 2014) .

Our calculations of thermal expansion coefficient depends on temperature (T) show that α is increased depends on temperature. However, we found no significant change in MEW radiation for α in 10°C-50°C temperature range. In high temperatures (T>50°C) the thermal expansion coefficient for irradiation buffer and DNA solutions was lower than this for non-radiated. The results on physicochemical parameters of DNA solutions revealed that irradiation with water resonant frequencies leads to no significant change in water structure.

V. Kalantaryan, R. Martirosyan, Yu. Babayan, L. Nersesyan, H. Stepanyan (2014). Preliminary results of influence of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation on tumor and healthy DNA and role of water.American J. Med. Biol. Res 2, 18-25.

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