Albany 2015:Book of Abstracts

Albany 2015
Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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The Cold Melting Effect of Complexes DNA with Two Different Ligands Using Different Binding Mechanisms

The melting transition of DNA-ligand complexes (Karapetian A. T. et al. 1996), allowing for two binding mechanisms to different DNA conformations is treated theoretically. The obtained results express the behavior of the experimentally measurable quantities, degree of denaturation and concentrations of bound ligands on the temperature. The range of binding parameters is obtained, where melting curves exhibit both cold and hot denaturation. The possible application to the nano-composites crystallization is discussed.

Cold denaturation phenomenon was observed experimentally for proteins and Nucleic Acids (Dubins et al., 2001; Mikulecky P. J. & Feig A. L., 2002; Privalov P. L., 1990). The mechanism of cold denaturation was addressed in a huge amount of publications (Privalov P. L., 1990; Mikulecky P. J. & Feig A. L., 2004; Hayrapetyan G. N. et al., 2014; Badasyan A. et al., 2014). The cold denaturation of DNA-ligand complex is accompanied by redistribution of ligands, bound with molten regions of DNA. While the concentrations of ligands bound with native regions, remains constant during the cold and hot denaturation, the concentrations of ligands bound with molten regions are abruptly increase in the area of cold denaturation. Thus, the stabilization of the molten phase occurs because of ligands are bound with denaturated DNA.

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Zareh A.Grigoryan 1
Armen T.Karapetyan2

1 Departament of Electronics
Goris State University
Avangard 2
Goris, 3201, Armenia
2 Department of Physics and Electric Engineering
Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
Yerevan, 0009, Armenia

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