Albany 2015:Book of Abstracts

Albany 2015
Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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Technologies for Analyzing Neural Circuits of Brain Disorders

Neurological and psychiatric disorders affect about one billion people worldwide, and cost over $2.5 billion annually. There is a critical need to understand the neural circuit mechanisms of various brain disorders. We invent and apply various genetic, molecular, pharmacological, optical, electrical and nano tools to build functional connectomes of the brain. Ultimately, we hope to develop novel biomarkers for neurological disorders, and invent next generation site specific neuromodulation therapies. In this talk, I will describe our recent effort on developing novel optogenetic techniques and applying them to understand Parkinson’s disease neural circuit deficits.

Xue Han

Biomedical Engineering Department
Boston University
44 Cummington St.
Boston, MA 02215 Phone: 617-358-6189