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Structure & Motion: Membranes, Nucleic Acids & Proteins
Hardcover 1985

Editors: E. Clemeti, G. Corongiu, M. H. Sarma & R. H. Sarma

ISBN 0-940030-12-8

Structure & Motion: Membranes, Nucleic Acids & Proteins

E. Clemeti
G. Corongiu
M. H. Sarma & R. H. Sarma


Professor Enrico Clementi’s Address to Pope John Paul II

Pope John Pauls II’s Welcome Address

Part I. Conceptual & Theeoretical Background

Intermolecular Forces: The Glue for any Biomolecular Structure
A. D. Buckingham

Biomolecular Interactions and Stability: Reflections on the Role of Topological Order and Stereodynamic Disorder of Solvent
M. B. Palma-Vittorelli and M. U. Palma

Isomerism of Molecular Complexes and Theoretical Studies of Biomolecules
Z. Slanina

Parallelism in Computational Chemistry: Applications in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics
E. Cle,enti, G. Corongiu, J. H. Detrich, H. Khanmohammadbaigi, S. Chin, L. Domingo, A. Laaksonen and H. L. Nguyen

Part II. Structure & Motion: Cells, Membranes & Proteins

Proteins, Cells and Recognition Sites
I. Giaver & C. R. Keese

Protobiological Selforganization
S. W. Fox

Electrical Aspects of Cellular Reproduction
H. A. Pohl

Structural and Kinetic Properties of Water Near a Charged Membrane Model: A Computer Simulation
M. Marchesi and G. Barabino

Selective Carrier-Induced Transport Processes in Artificial Membranes
W. E. Morf, E. Pretsch and W. Simon

Ultrafast Dynamics in Proteins and Mambranes by Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
E. Gratton and J. R. Lakowicz

Dynamic Properties of Ion Channels and Ion Pumps
P. Luager

Molecular Structures and Liberational Process in Sequential Polypeptides: From Ion Channel Mechanisms to Bioelastomers
D. W. Urry, C. M. Venkatachalam, S. A. Wood and K. U. Prasad

Ligand Binding and Protein Dynamics
H. Fruenfelder

Neutron Spectroscopy and Protein Dynamics
H. D. Middendorf and J. T. Randall

Investigation of Protein Dynamics by Mössbauer Spectroscopy: The Time Dependence of Protein-Specific Motions
F. Parak

Topological Aspects of Conformation Transformations in Proteins: Preferential Pathways of Protein Folding
P. De-Santis, A. Palleschi and S. Chiavarini

Proton NMR Studies of Protein Folding and Unfolding
C. M. Dobson, P. A. Evans and R. O. Fox

Functional Aspects of the Neutral Patterns in Protein Evolution
B. Borstnik and G. L. Hofacker

Metal Ions in Biochemstry
I. Bertini and C. Luchinat

Iron Atom Displacement and Ligand Reactivity in Ferrous Heme Proteins: Effects of Proximal Bond
P. Ascenzi, M. Brunori, M. Coletta and T. G. Traylor

Heuristic Studies of Structure-Function Relationships in Enzymes: Carboxypeptidase and Thermolyson
M. N. Liebman and H. Weinstein

Modeling the Activation Energy and Dynamics of Electron Transfer Reactions in Proteins
A. K. Churg and A. Warshel

Ab-Initio Calculations in the Study of Enzyme Inhibition
C. Thomson, C. Edge and R. Brandt

A Davydov-like Solution in Acetanilide: Experimental Evidence and Biochemical Considerations
G. Caraeri

Part III. Structure & Motion: Nucleic Acids

Further Theoretical Studies of (Nonlinear) Conformational Motions in Double Helix DNA
J. A. Krumhansi, G. M. Wysin, D. M. Alexander, A. Garcia, P. S. Lomdahl and Scott P. Layne

Fluctuationsal Motility of DNA
M. D. Frank-Kamenetskii

Relation of Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics of DNA to the Mechanism of Fidelity and Errors of Nucleic Acid Biosynthesis
V. I. Poltev and V. P. Chuprina

The Binding of Netropsin to Double Helical B-DNA of Sequence C-G-C-G-A-A-T-T-BrC-G-C-G: Single Crystal X-Ray Structure Analysis
M. L. Kopka, P. Pjura, C. Yoon, D. Goodsell and R. E. Dickerson

Sequential Resonance Assignments in the 1H NMR Spectrum of a lac Operator Fragment by Two-Dimensional NOE Spectroscopy at 500 MHz
R. M. Scheek, R. Boelens, N. Russo and R. Kaptein

Flexibility and Base Composition Dependence of DNA Conformation in Solution from Laser Raman Scattering
W. L. Peticolas and G. A. Thomas

FT-IR Spectroscopic Evidence of C2'-endo, anti, C3'-endo, anti Sugae Ring Pucker in 5'-GMP and 5'IMP Nucleotides and Their Metal-Adducts
T. Theophanides and H. A. Tajmir-Riahi

Lattice Modes, Soft Modes and Local Modes in Double Helical DNA
S. M. Lindsay, J. W. Powell, E. W. Prohofsky and K. V. Devi-Prasad

Some New Results on the Electronic Structure of DNA and a New Possible Long Range Mechanism of Chemical Carcinogenesis
J. J. Ladik

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