Nucleic Acids & Proteins

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Structure & Dynamics: Nucleic Acids & Proteins
Hardcover 1983

Editors: Enrico Clementi & Ramaswamy H. Sarma

ISBN 0-940030-04-7

Structure & Dynamics: Nucleic Acids & Proteins

Enrico Clementi & Ramaswamy H. Sarma


Foreward by Kenichi Fukui

Part I: Conceptual and Theoretical Background

Introduction by Enrico Clementi

Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules: Viewpoint from Physics
Giorgio Careri

On the Theoretical backgrouind of Molecular Biology
Per-Olov Löwdin

Solitary Waves with Dispersion and Dissipation
David W. McLaughlin

Nonlinear Dynamics and Conformational Excitations
J. A. Krumhansi and D. M. Alexander

Cooperative Effects in Aqueous Biomolecular Systems and Processes
J. L. Finney and J. M. Goodfellow

Ab initio Calculations with the Direct Reaction Field Hamiltonian
B. T. Thole, P. Th. van Duijnen and Yeltje C. de Yager

Noise Induced Transitions, Evidence in Illuminated Chemical Systems
R. Lefever, W. Horsthemke and J. C. Micheau

Internal Dynamics of Biomolecules in Solution. An Introduction and Some Comments on Structural Defects Formation and Annealing in Duplex Helical Structures
M. Ugo Palma

Part II: Structure & Dynamics of Nucleic Acids

Introduction by Wilma King Olson

Disorder and Dynamics of Five-Membered Rings in Biological Structures
E. Westhof and M. Sundaralingam

Structural Correlations in B-DNA
Richard E. Dickerson, Mary L. Kopka and Horace R. Drew

The Role of Low Frequency (Acoustic) Phonons in Determining the Premelting and Melting Behaviour of DNA
Henry M. Sobell, Asok Banerjee, E. D. Lozansky, G-P. Zhou and Chou Kuo-Chen

Structure and Dynamics: Wobble Pairs in a DNA Double Helix
Belinda J. Wagner, M. M. Dhingra, Mukti H. Sarma and Ramaswamy H. Sarma

NMR Studies on the Interaction of the E. Coli Lac Repressor with Lac Operator DNA
R. Kaptein, R. M. Scheek, E. R. P. Zuiderweg, R. Boelens, K. J. M. Klappe, J. H. can Boom, H. Ruterjans and K. Beyreuther

1H NMR Relaxation Studies of the Dynamics of the Base Paired Imino Protons in Cystosine Containing DNA and RNA Duplexes
Peter A. Mirau and David R. Kearns

Light Scattering Studies of the Lattice Vibrations of DNA
S. M. Lindsay and J. Powell

Band Structures of Periodic DNA Models and the Treatment of Aperiodicity in DNA
Janos J. Ladik

Structure of Mispairs Leading to Substitution Mutations
Robert Rein, M. Shibata, R. Garduno-Juarez and T. Kieber-Emmons

A Unified Model for Bending and Breathing Fluctuations in DNA
Gerald S. Manning

The Thermodynamic Effects of Polyelectrolyte-Electrolyte Interactions
Charles F. Anderson and M. Thomas Record, Jr.

Structure of Water and Counterions for Nucleic Acids in Solution
Enrico Clementi

Part III: Structure & Dynamics of Proteins

Introduction by William N. Lipscomb

Dynamic Aspects of Protein Reactions
Hans Frauenfelder

Energy Transfer Along Alpha-Helical Proteins
Alexander S. Davydov

Solutions on the Alpha-Helix Protein
Alwyn C. Scott

Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Protein Fluctuations by X-Ray Diffraction
William A. Gilbert, John Kuriyan, Gregory A. Petsko and Dagmar Ringe Ponzi

Functional Labelling in Hemoglobin
S. Walter Engalnder and Joan J. Englander

Dynamics of Amino Acids in Crystals and in Membrane Proteins
Max A. Keniry, Rebecca L. Smith, H. S. Gutowsky and Eric Oldfield

Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Christopher M. Dobson

Recent Progress in the Theoretical Treatment of Protein Folding
Harold A. Scheraga

Solvent Separated Hydrophobic Interactions
D. L. Beveridge, G. Ravishanker and M. Meze

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