Conversation 5: Proceedings

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Structure and Expression
Volumes One, Two and Three, Hardcover 1988

The Proceedings of the Fifth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 6-10, 1987

Editors: Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-940030-21-7 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-22-5 Volume 2;
ISBN 0-949930-18-7 Volume 3

Structure and Expression Volume 2

The Proceedings of the Fifth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 6-10, 1987

Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

Contents Volume 2

Structural Studies of Base Pair Mismatches and Their Relevance to Theories of Mismatch Formation and Repair
Olga Kennard

A Mismatch Decamer as a Model for General-Sequence B-DNA
Gilbert G. Prive, Udo Heinemann, Srinivasan Chandrasegaran, Lou Sing Kan, Mary L. Kopka and Richard E. Dickerson

Minihairpin Loops in DNA: A Novel Building Principle
Cornelius Altoina, Aart A. van Beuzekom and Leonard P. M. Orbons

Alternating Adenine-Thymine Tracts in Supercoiled and Linear DNA Molecules
David M. J. Lilley and James A. McClellan

Intermediate Range Transmission of Conformational Information in DNA. The dA-dT Sequences
David E. Pulleyblank, Mark Glover, Chuck S. Farah and David B. Haniford

Conformations of DNA Duplexes Containing (dA-dT) Sequences of Bases and Their Possible Biological Significance
Jaroslav Kypr and Michaela Vorlickava

Heat-induced DNA Aggregation in the Presence of Divalant Metal Salts
David A. Knoll, Michael G. Fried and Victor A. Bloomfield

CD Sprctroscopy of Acid-Induced Structures of Polydeoxyribonucleotides: Importance of C.C+ Base Pairs
Donald M. Gray, Robert L. Ratliff, Vincent P. Antao and Carla W. Gray

NMR of DNA: Single-Site Modification and Multi-Effect Pertubations
Michelle S. Broido, Donald P. Lawrence, Chen Wenqiao and Gerald Zon

Structural, Conformational and Biophysical Properties of Novel Alpha-Oligonucleotides: Potential Gene Control Agents
Jean-Louis, Claude Paoletti and J. William Lown

Polyelectrolyte Model of the B-Z Transition: An Experimental Study
Valery I. Ivanov, Armen T. Karapetyan and Elvira E. Minyat

The Active Role of the DNA Hydration Shell
S. M. Lindsay and N. J. Tao

Sugar Pucker Preferences in A- and B-DNA
Peter A. Kollman and Shashidhar N. Rao

Sequence Selectivity in DNA-Antitumor Drug Interactions
Bernard Pullman

Molecular Recognition Between Oligopeptides and Nucleic Acids: Rational Design of Sequence Specific DNA Binding Agents
Krzyztof Krowicki, Moses Lee, John A. Hartley, Brian Ward, Koren Kissinger, Andrew Skorobogaty, James C. Dabrowiak and J. William Lown

The Origins of the DNA Binding Affinity and Specificity of Minor Groove Directed Ligands: Correlations of Thermodynamic and Structural Data
Kenneth J. Breslauer, Robert Ferrante, Luis A. Marky, Peter B. Dervan and R. Scott Youngquist

Effect of Ligand Structure on the dA·dT Specific DNA Groove Binding of Nonintercalating Drugs
Ch. Zimmer, G. Luck, G. Burckardt, K. Krowick and J. W. Lown

Covalent Crosslinks and Monofunctional Adducts of Mitomycin C In the Minor Groove of DNA: Effects on DNA Conformation and Dymanics
Anil K. Chawla, Roselyn Lipman and Maria Tomasz

Structural Characteristics of Actinomycin D That Forms the Basis for its Interactions with DNA
Helen M. Berman, Stephan L. Ginell, Patricia Sawzik and Leslie Lessinger

Tricyclic Carboxamides: Relationships Between Antitumor Activity and the Geometry and Kinetics of Binding to DNA
William A. Denny and Laurence P. G. Wakelin

Interactions of DNA with Activated Polyctyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Some Perspectives
Jenny P. Glusker, G. Joos-Guba and John J. Stezowski

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