Albany 2001

category image Biomolecular
SUNY at Albany
June 19-23, 2001

Structural genomics of RNA

Structural genomics, the systematic determination of all macromolecular structures represented in a genome, is focused at present exclusively on proteins. RNA molecules play a variety of significant roles in cells, however, and these functions are defined by their structures. To understand comprehensively the biology of a cell, it will ultimately be necessary to know the identity of all encoded RNAs, the molecules with which they interact and their molecular structures. Current efforts in our lab and others focus on identifying new RNA genes and developing strategies for predicting RNA structure. The current state of the field and new directions will be discussed.

Jennifer A. Doudna

Dept. of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, HHMI, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520
phone (203) 432-3108; FAX (203) 432-3104; e-mail doudna@csb.yale.edu