Conversation 8: Proceedings

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Structural Biology: The State of the Art
Volumes One and Two, Hardcover 1994

The Proceedings of the Eighth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 22-26, 1993

Editors: Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-940030-42-X Two Volume Set;
ISBN 0-940030-43-8 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-44-6 Volume 2

Editorial Review
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These volumes essentially constitute the invited presentations as well as the deliberations at the panel discussions of the June 1993 conference held under the auspices of the State University of New York at Albany Department of Chemistry and organized by the University's Institute of Biomolecular Stereodynamics. Volume 1 (43-8, $125) contains 23 papers on topics including structural studies of interleukin-8 and interleukin-4; conformational flexibility in biochemical regulation; and synthesis and biological studies with DNA analogs. Volume 2 (44-6, $125) contains 26 papers on topics including intramolecular DNA triple helix and regulation of gene expression; a parallel-stranded double helix at atomic resolution; and a new approach to calculate the hydration of DNA molecules. Beautiful production, including color plates, but no index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Structural Biology: The State of the Art Volume 2

The Proceedings of the Eighth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 22-26, 1993

Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

Contents Volume 2

Transcriptional Activity is Correlated with Z-DNA Formation in the Human c-myc Gene
Stefan Wölfl, Burghardt Wittig and Alexander Rich

A Base-Triplet Model for Homologous Recognition Promoted by RecA Protein
B. J. Rao, S. K. Chiu and C. M. Radding

Recombination Triple Helix, R-form DNA. A Stereochemical Model for Recognition and Strand Exchange
V. B. Vhurkin, G. Raghunathan, N. B. Ulyanov, R. D. Camerini-Otero and R. L. Jernigan

Parallel DNA Triplexes and Homologous Recombination
Moon G. Kim, Victor B. Zhurkin, C. S. Camerini-Otero and R. Daniel Canerini-Otero

Intramolecular DNA Triplex Helix and Regulation of Gene Expression
Samir K. Brahmachari and Partha S. Sarkar

Targeting of Arbitrary Sequences in Linear DNA Using the RecA Protein
Brian H. Johnston and Vineetha K. Jayasena

FTIR Spectroscopy Structural Study of Triple Helices Obtained by Targeting the d(GGGAAAAGGG) Oligomer
C. Dagneau, J. Liquier, P. V. Scaria, R. H. Shafer and E. Taillandier

DNA Triple Helices with Reverse-Hoogsteen and Purine-Purine Hydrogen Bonding: A Molecular Dynamics Study
C. Y. Sekharudu, N. Yathindra and M. Sundaralingam

DNA Quadruplexes: From Telomeres to Aptamers
Juli Feignon, Flint W. Smith, Román F. Macaya and Peter Schultze

Stem-Loop Structures of the Repetitive DNA Sequences Located at Human Centromeres
Goutam Gupta, Angel E. Garcia, Paolo Catasti, Robert Ratliff, E. Morton Bradbury and Robert K. Moyzis

A Parallel-Stranded Double Helix at Atomic Resolution
Paolo Lubini and Martin Egli

Unusual Base Pairs in Parallel-Stranded and Antiparallel-Stranded DNA Duplexes
Howard Robinson, T. N. Jaishree and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Analysis of the Helix Bending in Crystal Structures and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DNA Oligonucleotides
Matthew A. Young, R. Nirmala, Jayshree Srinivasan, Kevin J. McConnell, G. Ravishanker, D. L. Beveridge and H. M. Berman

Base Pair Roll and Tilt in B-DNA Bending
David S. Goodsell, Kazimierz Grzeskowiak, Mary L. Kopka and Richard E. Dickerson

Structure and Properties of DNA and RNA Containing Bulged and Mismatched Bases
Yuh-Hwa Wang and Jack Griffith

An Unusual DNA Structure Containing Interstrand Stacking and Purin·Purie Mismatches
Kathleen M. Norden and Karol Maskos

High Resolution DNA Solution Structures: Genome Target Structure Refinement Using Interproton Distances and Torsion Angle Restraints
Uli Schmita and Thomas L. James

A New Approach to Calculate the Hydration of DNA Molecules
Gerhard Hummer and Dikeos Mario Soumpasis

The Torsion Space Nucleic Acids Molecular Medchanics Program DUPLEX: Surveying Conformation Space by Potential Energy Minimization: A Progress Report
Brian E. Hingerty and Suse Broyde

Toward Understanding Electrophoretic Anomalies in Polyacrylamide Gels: Kilobase-Sized DNAs
Nancy C. Stellwagwen

Minor Groove Recognition of DNA by Distamycin and its Analogs
D. E. Wemmer, B. H. Geierstanger, P. A. Fagan, T. J. Dwyer, J. P. Jacobsen, J. G. Pelton, G. E. Ball, A. R. Leheny, W.-H. Chang, Y. Bathini, J. W. Lown, D. Rentzeperis, L. A. Matky, S. Singh ands P. Kolman

DNA, cis-Platinum and Heterocyclic Amines: Catalytic Activity of the DNA Double Helix
D. Payat and M. Leng

Sequence Context Effects on the Mutagenic Outcome of Pyrimidine Ring Fragmentation Products: Computational Analysis
Mary Glackin, Margaret Maccabee, Janet Evans and Susan S. Wallace

Thermal Stabilities of Benzo[a]pyrene Diol Epoxide-Modified Oligonucleotide Duplxes. Effects of Mismatched Complimantary Strands and Bulges
Nai-Qi Ya, Sergei Smirinov, Monique Cosman, Sumeet Bhanot, Victor Ibanez and Nucholas E. Geacintov

Induced Deamination of Cytosine: Effect of Secindary Structure and Other Factors
Barbara Ramsay Shaw

Simplicity Lost, Concluding Remarks at the Albany Meeting – 1993
Valery I. Ivanov