Conversation 8: Proceedings

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Structural Biology: The State of the Art
Volumes One and Two, Hardcover 1994

The Proceedings of the Eighth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 22-26, 1993

Editors: Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-940030-42-X Two Volume Set;
ISBN 0-940030-43-8 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-44-6 Volume 2

Editorial Review
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These volumes essentially constitute the invited presentations as well as the deliberations at the panel discussions of the June 1993 conference held under the auspices of the State University of New York at Albany Department of Chemistry and organized by the University's Institute of Biomolecular Stereodynamics. Volume 1 (43-8, $125) contains 23 papers on topics including structural studies of interleukin-8 and interleukin-4; conformational flexibility in biochemical regulation; and synthesis and biological studies with DNA analogs. Volume 2 (44-6, $125) contains 26 papers on topics including intramolecular DNA triple helix and regulation of gene expression; a parallel-stranded double helix at atomic resolution; and a new approach to calculate the hydration of DNA molecules. Beautiful production, including color plates, but no index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Structural Biology: The State of the Art Volume 1

The Proceedings of the Eighth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 22-26, 1993

Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

Contents Volume 1

Adventures in Light-Transduction Systems: Bacterial Rhodopsin and Mammalian Rhodopsin
H. G. Khorana

Structural Studies of Interleukin-8 and Interleukin-4
Angela M. Gronenborn and G. Marius Clore

Conformational Flexibility in Biochemical Regulation
Jill Trewhella

On Using Rational Enzyme Redesign to Improve Enzyme-Mediated Microbial Dehalogenation of Recalcitrant Substances in Deep-Subsurface Environments
Rick L. Ornstein

The Iron/Tyrosyl Free Radical Site of Ribonucleotide Reductase
A. Gräslund, B.-M. Backlund, G. Behravan, P.-O. Lycksell, S. Nyholm and S. Sen

The Cold Shock Domain: Crystal Structures of the Major Cold Shock Protein of Bacillus subtilis
Hermann Schindelin, Mohamed A. Marahiel and Udo Heineman

DNA Protein Interactions in Chromatin and the Structure of the Histone Octamer
Gina Arents and Evangelos N. Moudrianakis

A General and Dominant Role for Chromatin Compaction in the Regulation of Transcription
Alan P. Wolffe

Mechanism of Nucleosome Displacement by a Transcribing Polymerase
David J. Clark, Vasily M. Studitsky and Gary Felsenfeld

The leu-500 Promoter and Topological Coupling: The Mutational Interaction Between Transcription and DNA Supercoiloing
Dongrong Chen, Richard Bowater and David M. J. Lilley

Structure of Supercoiled DNA Changes with Increasing Counterions Concentrations; Cryo-electron Microscopy Studies and Monte Carlo Simulations
Jacques Dubochet, Jan Bednar, Patrick Furrer and Andrzej Stasiak

Calibration of the Timestep for the Dynamics of Supoercoiled DNA Modeled by B-Splines
Tamar Schlick, Bin Li and Ming-Hong Hao

DNA Supercpoil Dynamics Studied by Dynamic Light Scattering and Brownian Dynamics Simulations
Jörg Langowski, Giuseppe Chirico and Ulrike Kapp

Synthesis and Biological Studies with DNA Analogs
M. H. Caruthers, G. Beaton, D. A. Graff, M. J. Hall, W. S. Marshall and W. T. Wiesler

Sequence-Specific Gene Regulatory Interactions: The Role Played by the Structure and Hydration of the DNA Target
Zippora Shakkad, Gali Guzikevich-Guerstain, Felix Frolow, Dov Rabinovich, Andrzej Joachimiak and Paul B. Sigler

Asp74 and Asp90 are Essential for the Catalytic Function of EcoRV but not for Mg2+ Induced Specific DNA Binding
Eleonore Köhler, Wolfgang Wende and Afred Pingoud

Studies on the Canonical DNA-EcoRI Endonuclease Complex and the EcoRI Kink
Youngchang Kim, Jungwon Choi, John C. Grable, Patricia Greene, Paul Hager and John M. Rosenberg

Sequence Selective Reognition of DNA by Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA)
Peter E. Nielsen

Molecular Mimicry in the Translational Control of E. coli Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase Expression
Chantal Ehresmann, Pascale Romby, Christine Brunel, H. Moine, Joël Caillet, Mathias Springer and Bernard Ehresmann

Evidence for Distinct Locations for Metal Binding Sites on Two Closely Relayed Class I tRNA Synthetases
Paul Schimmel, James A. Landro and Eric Schmidt

Template-Directed Oligonucleotide-Assembly Reactions Catalyzed by a Minimally Structured Ribozyme Derived from a Group I Intron
Rachel Green and Jack W. Szostak

NMR Studies of HIV TAR RNA
Joseph D. Puglisi and James R. Williamson

Solution Conformation of Lariat-RNAs and their Self-Cleavage Reaction
P. Agback, C. Glemarec, A. Sandström, L. Yon, J. Plavec, C. Sund, S.-I. Yamakage, G. Viswandham, N. Puri and J. Chattopadhyaya

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