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Conversation 17
June 14-18 2011
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RNASTEPS, An Online Database of Sequence-dependent Deformability of RNA Helical Regions

The RNASTEPS database, located at http://rnasteps.rutgers.edu, is a repository of the base-pair steps found in the double-helical regions of 656 RNA crystal structures of 3.5 Å or better resolution. The database includes a variety of structural parameters and molecular images, computed with the 3DNA software package [1,2] and known to be useful for characterizing and understanding the sequence-dependent spatial arrangements of the DNA and RNA base pairs and base-pair steps. The data can be accessed by searches of Leontis-Westhof base-pair patterns and Protein Data Bank and Nucleic Acid Database structure identifiers. The site also includes a repository of the average values and covariance of the rigid-body parameters characterizing well represented base-pair steps, the knowledge-based elastic potentials derived from these data [3], and other measures of RNA step deformability, such as the conformational volume, base-pair overlap, and root-mean-square deviation of atomic coordinates. The collective information provides a useful benchmark for RNA force-field development. The cumulative data account for the measured persistence length of double-stranded RNA [4] in simulations using the approach of Czapla et al. [5]. An example of the distributions and ‘energies’ extracted from the roll and twist angles of 1274 GG·CC steps and the corresponding molecular superposition of these steps is shown below:


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