Albany 2015: Conversation 19

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Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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After Deadline: Presenting Posters & Short Orals. Albany 2015: 19th Conversation

The deadline for poster abstracts is over does not mean, you lost your chances to present a poster paper or a short oral on something new you discovered.

http://www.albanyhindutemple.org/ee/aht_files/temple/docs/Concert_Apr24_2016.pdf The Albany Conversation has mechanism in place to present new discoveries and developments that the Book of Abstracts deadline of March 1 missed. This we accomplish using Unscheduled Poster Presentations. If you have hot stuff to share with us in Albany, you can present an unscheduled poster. Below are the instructions:

  1. Email a msword doc file of the abstract to rhs07@albany.edu. Two pages with figures or single page without figures, maximum. Follow instructions at the web site except that you are allowed up to two pages.

  2. If we accept the abstract, we will publish it at the Conversation web site at the Online Book of Abstracts.

  3. You will be assigned a poster station at the Conversation site, and the poster station number will be emailed to you in due course. At this assigned poster station, you will install and present your poster.

  4. You will make 250 copies of your abstract with the poster station number printed on it, and bring them to the Conversation site, and leave them on a table marked "Unscheduled Posters". People are free to pick up your abstract and, if they want to learn more about it, they can come to your poster station at any time during the Conversation as well as when you are presenting it.

  5. In view of the fact that unforeseen events may prevent one or two speakers to cancel at the last moment, we can also wait list after deadline abstracts for short orals.