Conversation 11: Proceedings

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Proceedings of the Eleventh Conversation, Part 1
Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
Conversation 11, Issue Number 1, May 2000

Editors: Sarma and Sarma

The Special Conversation 11 volume of JBSD, Number 1 commences with the keynote address by Nobel Laureate Har Gobind Khorana on the molecular biology of light transduction, then delves into detailed coverage of RNA-protein, DNA-protein and protein-protein interactions as revealed by NMR, x-ray and advanced computational chemistry. For a detailed table of contents with links to the corresponding abstracts, follow the link above. The full articles can be downloded as pdf files.


Molecular Biology of Light Transduction by the Mammalian Photoreceptor, Rhodopsin
H. G. Khorana

Ligand Selectivity by Nuclear Hormone Receptors
Jean-Marie Wurtz and Dino Moras

Canonical fold of nuclear receptor ligand binding domain

Aminoacylation at the Atomic Level in Class IIa Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases
John G. Arnez, Rajan Sankaranarayanan, Anne-Catherine Dock-Bregeon, Christopher S. Francklyn and Dino Moras

Molecular design of HisRS, GlyRS and ThrRS. Only the location is shown for the insertion domain of GlyRS.

RNA Scaffolds for Minihelix-Based Aminoacyl Transfer: Design ofTranspeptizyme
Niranjan Y. Sardesai, Scott M. Stagg, Margaret S. VanLoock, Stephen C. Harvey and Paul Schimmel

Structural Studies of Model RNA Helices with Relevance to Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Specificity and HIV Reverse Transcription
Udo Heinemann, Uwe Mueller, Hermann Heumann and Mathias Sprinzl

Relating the Structure of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase to Its Processing Step
R. L. Jernigan, Ivet Bahar, David G. Covell, Ali Rana Atilgan, Burak Erman and Daniel T. Flatow

Solution Structure of an Antibody-Bound HIV-1IIIB V3 Peptide: A Cis Proline Turn Linking Two β-hairpin Strands
Vitali Tugarinov and Jacob Anglister

Molecular Modeling of the HIV-1 Tat Protein - TAR RNA Complex and the Design of an Inhibitor of the Tat/TAR RNA Interaction
Gita Subba Rao, Mohd. Imran Siddiqui anad Sneh Arora

A Conserved Asparagine Makes an Essential Contact to an RNA Adenosine or Cytidine
Valerie Shipilov and Susan A. White

Contribution of Salt Bridges Toward Protein Thermostability
Sandeep Kumar, Chung-Jung Tsai, Buyong Ma and Ruth Nussinov

Globularity and Protein Function
Jannette Carey

Modeling Molecular Recognition: Theory and Application
Kristy Mardis, Ray Luo, Laurent David, Michael Potter, Amy Glemza, Greg Payne and Michael K. Gilson

Aromatic Ring Currents at a Protein Surface: Use of 1H-NMR Chemical Shifts to Refine the Structure of a Naked β Sheet
Bing Wang, Alan S. Stern and Michael A. Weiss

Model of aromatic ring currents in the RPB9 Zn ribbon.

How Do Hydrogen Bonds Contribute to Protein-DNA Recognition?
Surjit B. Dixit, Nidhi Arora and B. Jayaram

Structure and Dynamics of the Tetrameric Mnt Repressor and a Model for its DNA Complex
Irene M. A. Nooren, Gert E. Folkers, Robert Kaptein, Robert T. Sauer and Rolf Boelens

How Do Proteins Recognize DNA? Solution Structure and Local Conformational Dynamics of Lac Operators by 2D NMR
Kumaralal Kaluarachchi, David G. Gorenstein and Bruce A. Luxon

Role of the N- and C- Terminal Dimer Interfaces of 434 Repressor in Recognizing Sequence-Dependent DNA Structure
Gerald B. Koudelka, Amy L. Donner and Mihai Ciubotaru

Geometry of the DNA Substrates in Cre-loxP Site-Specific Recombination
Feng Guo, Deshmukh N. Gopaul and Gregory D. Van Duyn

A Mechanism for RecA-Promoted Sequence Homology Recognition and Strand Exchange Between Single-Stranded DNA and Duplex DNA, via Triple-Helical Intermediates
Guillaume Bertucat, Richard Lavery and Chantal Prévost

DNA and RNA Folds in Transcription Complex as Evidenced by Iodine-125 Radioprobing
V. N. Karamychev, I. G. Panyutin, R. D. Neumann and V.B. Zhurkin

DNA Structure and Polymerase Fidelity: A New Role for A-DNA
Youri Timsit

Effects of Oxidation Agents and Metal Ions on Binding of p53 to Supercoiled DNA
M. Fojta, M. Brazdova, H. Cernocka, P. Pecinka, V. Brazda, J.Palecek, E. Jagelska, B. Vojtesek, S. Pospisilova, V. Subramaniam, T. M. Jovin and E. Palecek

The Atomic Structure of the Nucleosome Core Particle
K. Luger, A. MÃ?der, D. F. Sargent and T. J. Richmond

For details of articles in the Conversation 11, Proceedings, Part 2, click here. This area also contains an extensive collection of photographs from the 11th Conversation feast.

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