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Conversation 18
June 11-15 2013
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Plucking the High Hanging Fruit: A Systematic Approach for Targeting Protein Interfaces

Development of specific ligands for protein targets that help decode the complexities of protein-protein interaction networks is a key goal for the field of chemical biology. Despite the emergence of powerful in silico and experimental high-throughput screening strategies, the discovery of synthetic ligands that selectively modulate protein-protein interactions remains a challenge for chemical biologists. Proteins often utilize small folded domains for recognition of other biomolecules. The basic hypothesis guiding our research is that by mimicking these domains we can modulate the function of a particular protein with metabolically stable synthetic molecules.(Raj et al., 2013) This presentation will discuss computational approaches(Bullock et al., 2011; Jochim and Arora, 2010) to identify targetable interfaces along with synthetic methods(Patgiri et al., 2008; Tosovska and Arora, 2010) to develop protein domain mimics (PDMs) as modulators of intracellular protein-protein interactions.(Henchey et al., 2010; Patgiri et al., 2011).


This research has been supported by NSF CHE-1151554 and NIH (GM073943)


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