Book of Abstracts: Albany 2007

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Conversation 15
June 19-23 2007

Multiprotein Machines for Gene Transcription

The current state of our structure-function analysis of the mRNA transcription cycle will be discussed. The crystallographic structures of the complete 12-subunit RNA polymerase II in free form and with bound DNA and RNA have been determined as atomic models. The structure of the complete Pol II elongation complex bound by the transcript cleavage factor TFIIS explained how Pol II uses a single tunable active site for both RNA synthesis and RNA cleavage. Three structures of complexes of CTD-interacting proteins provided insights into the coupling of transcription elongation to mRNA processing and histone methylation, and into Pol II recycling. The first structure of a Pol II complex with an RNA inhibitor and the first atomic structures of subcomplexes of the Mediator of transcriptional regulation provided insights into gene regulation. A set of new structures of Pol II bound to damaged DNA together with complementary functional assays revealed a unexpected mechanism of lesion recognition during transcription-coupled DNA repair. Unpublished data show that we will soon obtain new insights into the structure and function of the two other RNA polymerases, Pol I and Pol III.

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