Molecular Mechanisms

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Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenic & Antitumor Activity
Softcover 1987

Editors: Carlos Chagas & Bernard Pullman

ISBN 88-7761-023-9
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Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenic & Antitumor Activity

Carlos Chagas & Bernard Pullman

Carlos Chagas: Foreward

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Scientific Papers

Introductory Lecture

Introductory: Lecture Carcinogens, Antitumor Agents and DNA
B. Pullman

Molecular Aspects of Carcinogenesis

The Role of ras Oncogenes in Chemically-Induced Tumors
S. Dukumar and M. Barbacid

Molecular Mechanisms of Oncogenesis by Polymaviruses
R. Monier

Crystallographic and Molecular Modeling Studies on Carcinogen-DNA Interactions
S. Neidle, L. Pearl and A. Beveridge

The Molecular Mechanism of Polycyclic Hydrocarbons
R. G. Harvey

Structural and Functional Properties of Genomic DNA Contributing to the Non-Random Formation and Repair of Carcinogen-DNA Adducts
M. F. Rajewsky and P. Nehls

Drug and Carcinogen Complexes with Left-Handed and Right-Handed DNAs
T. R. Krugh, D. G. Sanford, G. T. Walker and G. Huang

Matagen (Masking Tape for Gene Expression): A Family of Sequence Speceific Oligonucleoside Methylphosphonates
P. S. Miller, C. H. Agris, L. Aurelian, K. R. Blake, S. A. Glave, S.-B. Lin, A. Murakami, M. Parameswara Reddy, C. C. Smith, S. A. Spitz and P. O. P. Ts’o

Oligodeoxynucleotides Covalently Linked to Intercalating Agents and to Nucleic Acid-Cleaving Reagents. New Families of Gene Regulatory Substances
C. Helene and N. T. Thuong

Molecular Aspects of Antitumor Activity

Chemical Derivatives of Anticancer Antibiotics with Different DNA Binding Properties
F. Arcamone and S. Penco

Molecular Pharmacology of the Anticancer Agent Mitoxantrone and Related Structures
J. W. Lown, K. Reszka, P. Kolodziejczyk and W. D. Wilson

Momomers, Dimers and Trimers of Acridines and 7H-pyridocarbazoles as Antitumor Drugs: NMR-derived Structures of DNA-complexes and Structure-Activity Relationships
P. Laugâa, M. Delepierre, P. Léon, C. Garbay-Jaureguiberry, J. Markovits, J. B. Le Peco and B. P. Roques

Mechanism of the Antitumor Action of Ellipticines and Analogues: Comparison of Mon- and Bifunctional Intercalators
C. Esnault, B. Lambert, J. Markovits, E. Segal-Bendirdjian, G. Muzard, Ch. Garbay-Jaureguiberry, B. P. Roques and J. B. Le Peco

Recognition of DNA by Quinoxaline Antibiotics
M. J. Waring

The Molecular Mechanism of Interaction of Non-Intercalative Groove Binding Antitumor Drugs with DNA
Ch. Zimmer, G. Luck, G. Burckhardt, K. Krowicki and J. W. Lown

Design of Synthetic Sequence Specific DNA Binding Molecules
P. B. Dervan

Stereochemical and Sequence Selectivity of Covalent Binding of the Pyrrolo(1,4) Benzodiazepines and CC-1065 to mDNA
L. H. Hurley, C. S. Lee and S. Cheatham

Effects of Antitumor Drugs on Transcription
D. M. Crothers, D. C. Straney and D. R. Phillips

Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Sugar Damage by Antitumor Antibiotics
J. H. Goldberg

Mechanism of Action of Anti-Tumor Platinum Compounds
J. J. Roberts