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Conversation 16
June 16-20 2009
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Modular Construction of DNA Nanotubes of Tunable Geometry, Alternating Size and Single- or Double-stranded Character

DNA nanotubes can template the growth of nanowires, orient transmembrane proteins for NMR determination, and can potentially act as stiff interconnects, tracks for molecular motors, and drug nanocarriers. All current methods for the construction of DNA nanotubes result in symmetrical and cylindrical assemblies that are entirely double-stranded.1 Here we offer a modular approach to DNA nanotube synthesis, that provides access to geometrically well-defined triangular and square DNA nanotubes which can be existed in alternating large-small features. We also construct the first DNA nanotubes that can exist in double- and single-stranded forms with dramatically different stiffness.2 As well, we found that the large-small DNA nanotubes can be used to encapsulate gold nanoparticles in a specific precise position. This method provides a new set of parameters to tune DNA nanotube construction, such as geometry, stiffness, and single- or double-stranded character, and promises to facilitate access to designer nanotubes with applications for the growth of nanowires of controlled shape, the loading and release of cargo, and the real-time modulation of stiffness and persistence length in interconnects.

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