Albany 2015:Book of Abstracts

Albany 2015
Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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Martin Karplus: His Nobel Lecture and his thoughts on "What does the Future Hold"?

On Wednesday, June 10 2015, at 8:00 PM, Nobel Laureate Martin Karplus will show a video of his Nobel Lecture. The Nobel Lecture (35 minutes) traces the development of molecular dynamics simulations from early trajectory studies of the H+H2 -> H2-H exchange reaction to their present application to biomolecules. The importance of the realization that classical mechanics is sufficient for studying the motion of atoms at ambient temperatures is emphasized. To illustrate biomolecular applications, a recent film recalling the first molecular dynamics simulations of a protein is shown and the mechanism by which kinesin walks on microtubules is described.

The remaining 25 minutes will be spent on the theme "What Does the Future Hold". Here Professor Karplus will discuss the future of simulations with a prediction of what will be possible when.

Martin Karplus

Chemistry Dept
Harvard University
Cambridge MA