Conversation 11: No. 2

category image Volume: Conversation 11
Issue Number 2
May 2000
ISBN 0-940030-81-0

Long-Range Hole Transport in DNA

A guanine radical cation (G+.) was site-selectively generated in double-stranded DNA and the hole transport from G+. to a GGG unit in G+.(TTG)NGG sites (N=1-4) was analyzed. The overall rate of the charge transfer exhibits a weak (algebraic) distance dependence, i. e. k µ Nh with h = 1.7±0.2. This result supports that long-range hole migration in mixed DNA strands is a multistep hopping process between G bases.

Stephan Wessely
and Bernd Giese

Department of Chemistry
University of Basel
St. Johanns-Ring 19
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland


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