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Visitors and Statistics

Over 12,000 people every month visit the JBSD (Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics) website. People who visit this web site are not from the rank and file masses, but a special category of people: faculty & doctoral students in universities, research scientists in industry and private and public research institutions. They are primarily interested in biological structure, genetics, and genomics, bioinformatics, biological network communications, system biology and allied subjects. They practice in disciplines dealing with peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA, membranes and their interactions among themselves and with drugs.

These visitors are excellent tragets for products in biotechnology and new biology dealing with the human genome.

At this time we are opening up the JBSD website for some limited advertisements. Below, we reproduce the general statistics of the website:

General Statistics: jbsdonline.com, 07/16/2008 to 08/14/2008

Hits Entire Site (Successful) 294,547
Average Per Day 9,818
Home page 2,886
Page Views Page Views (Impressions) 142,190
Average Per Day 4,739
Document Views 4,660
Visitor Sessions Visitor Sessions 29,579
Average Per Day 985
Average Visitor Session Length 00:21:41
Visitors Unique Visitors 12,305
Visitors Who Visited Once 9,539
Visitor More Than once 2,766

Below, we provide you with the percentage of visits of JBSD web site from various countries.

United States = 38%
India = 10%
China = 6% Germany = 5%
United Kingdom = 4%
Japan = 2%
France = 3%
Canada = 3%
Taiwan = 2%
Poland = 2%
Rest of the world = 24%

Some examples of international visits appear on the sidebar diagrams, identifying the major cities where JBSD site is accessed. A similar map with examples of US cities where JBSD is accessed appears at the end of this document. A complete map of visits in major cities in the US, state-by -state and internationally is available upon request.

Type and Cost of Advertisements

One may advertise in a tile or a banner ad, and the ads will appear on all pages, and randomly on each page. The links below show how these ads fit within the home page and article pages of jbsdonline.com.

Example of JBSD Home page with Ads

Example of JBSD Article page with Ads

Example of JBSD Conference page with Ads

The table below summarizes the advertising cost as well as ad sizes.

Type of Ad Width Height Cost per Month
Tile Ad Up to 200 px 90-190 px $150.00
Tower Ad Up to 200 px 250-450 px $250.00
Banner Ad Up to 595 px 90-125 px $250.00

With respect to the size of ads, what is listed above are some ideas. In fact any size is possible. Note that .gif or .png (animated or regular) files will behave properly across all browsers and operating systems.You may want to combine your ad in JBSD with those in our sister publications:

Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment

Cancer Watch Magazine

Download in pdf the complete adenine media kit, 7 pages


Please contact us to place ads and to discuss special prices for placing ads in multiple publications. You can also pay us by credit card below and email us the ad along with the link.

Adenine Press
2066 Central Avenue
Schenectady NY 12304
ph: 518-456-0784; fx: 518-452-4955
email: info@adeninepress.com

In these examples of maps of international access (sidebar) and US access (bottom) the maroon circles stand for the cities and nearby suburbs where JBSD is accessed. In many cases we give the name of the cities. A complete map is available upon request.

JBSD Monthly Ad Rates

Tile Ads


Tower Ads


Banner Ads