Albany 2013: Book of Abstracts

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Conversation 18
June 11-15 2013
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Identification and characterization of small subunit ribosomal intermediates

Bacterial ribosome biogenesis is poorly understood especially in terms of the role of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) maturation in vivo. A major problem in addressing these questions are asynchronous biogenesis, a large population of mature particles and the lack of techniques to isolated in vivo formed ribosome biogenesis intermediates. Our group has taken multiple approaches to allow study of ribosome biogenesis in E. coli. We have used genetic manipulation to discover that for specific biogenesis factors there is a delicate balance that is necessary for viability. Additionally, we have pioneered an affinity purification approach to allow for isolation of in vivo formed intermediates. Data will be presented on our findings for the role of rRNA maturation in biogenesis, subsequent ribosome function and cell viability. Our findings may result in identification of novel targets for antimicrobial development.

This work is supported by a grant from NIHGMS GM624312

Neha Gupta
Keith Connolly
and Gloria M. Culver

Departments of Biology and of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Center for RNA Biology: From Genomes to Therapeutics
University of Rochester

Ph: (585) 276-3602
Fx: (585) 275-2070
Email: gloria.culver@rochester.edu