Albany 2001: The 12th Conversation

Final Communique: Everything You Wanted to Know about the 12th Conversation

The University

The University at Albany is located at 1400 Washington Avenue; it is a city by itself. It is an urban institution located away from city center and city life. On one side, about 5 minutes walk, there is the Washington avenue where 4 motels (see map later) are located; on the other side, 20 minutes walk, is the Western ave, where many eating places are located. The Dutch Quad where most of you are staying is the Tall Tower, marked below. Note that the street in front of the University is Washington Ave.

Current Status of the Program

The web site contains over 220 abstracts now from over 20 Nations. The configuration and scheduling of the posters and lectures elsewhere at the web site was announced several weeks ago. We anticipate a few changes, and these changes will be announced will appear at the web as we come to know..

As usual the program is crowded, intense and moves at high velocity. In Albany we accomplish things in 3.5 days of what normally may take 7 days. This is possible because of precise organization of events; such organization cannot work unless all the detailed information is provided in advance. This is the purpose of this final communication. Of course, we want you to read it atleast once, please. As you read this, you will come to know the various complications a gathering like this faces, and we try to anticipate these in advance. If you are one of those who may contribute to a complication, please respond to the request in this announcement.

Two Major Requests

1. If you are scheduled to give a lecture, and for what ever reason if you cannot come, please let me know (rhs07@albany.edu) as soon as you can. There are several people waiting and anxious to give lectures on some very important discoveries and they all are looking for space.

2. If you have a poster abstract at the web site, and you are unable to come and present it as a poster, please let me know by email now so that we can save a poster station. Please do not waste a station.

Where are you staying?

Most of you are staying at the University Residence Dutch Quad. See map later for its location.
The near-by motels are : Howard Johnson, Extended stay, Fairfied Inn and Marriott Courtyard. See map below for their location and telephone numbers. Some of you may be staying in Ramada Inn on Western Ave. This hotel is a 20 minute walk from the symposium site, and I suggest that you change your reservation to one of the above four motels.


Time & Place of Meals

All meals are at the University either at the Colonial Quad or at the Campus Center. Details Folllow:

Meals during the Albany Conversation is an important event; it gives a great opportunity for you to meet and get to know others in an informal setting. This is where some of the legends in the discipline and developing young scientists meet for the first time leading to long lasting scientific relationships.

If you are staying in a Motel, they have no eating facilities. The nearest eating places are on Western Ave, a 20 minute walk from the symposium site, and it will create great distortion to your life, if you do not reserve your meals at the University. You can reserve your meals at the University by sending $150 to Dr. R. H. Sarma, check made out to Univ Auxilliary Services.

  • Wine & Cheese Reception: Tuesday June 19, 8:30 -11:30 PM will be held for all delegates at the Patroon Terrace and Lounge. See map later. This is located behined the campus center. Campus center is easily identified by the second fountain on the podium, the first fountain being at the center of the campus emanating from the central couartyard and swimming pool.
  • Breakfasts: everyday except Saturday 6:00-7:30 AM. The symposium starts at 8:00 AM on all days except Saturday. On Saturday, breakfast will be served between 6:30 -8:30 AM. We are starting deliberations at 9:00 AM on Saturday.
  • Lunch and Dinners: Time of lunches and dinners are in the program. They all are at the Dutch Quad or at the campus center.
  • Big Feast & Reception: Friday June 22nd evening there is an informal Big Feast and Drinking (7:30 PM to 12:00 midnight). This will provide ample opportunity to mingle and talk. . This will take place at the Ball Room at the campus center
  • Special Meals: Kosher and Vegetarian: Those of you who have requested special meals (Kosher and Vegetarian) should inform about this at the front desk at the Dutch Quad during check in.

Lecture Center 18

Lecture Center 18 (LC 18) is the place where we hold the symposium and it is located at the center of the University around a pool; the poster sessions will be held in the concourse around the pool. The map below, and the one later provide you the locations of concern to you.

Where do you register on the 19th of June?

The registration desk is at Dutch Quad, Schuyler Hall will open at 1:00 PM on Tuesday the 19th of June and will remain open till 11 PM on that day. Where ever you are staying, you must appear on the 19th of June at the registration desk at Dutch Quad and complete the formalities, pick up your Name Tag and the Book of Abstracts and program packets.

Where do you register if you are coming after June 19th?

Go to LC 18 and register for the conference at the desk in front of this hall and pick up your materials.


There are public telephones all around the concourse of LC 18, in the campus center, and Dutch Quad. Public access computer rooms are in the concourse and in the Colonial Quad. Emails can be sent to Dr. Sarma's address: RHS07@.ALBANY.EDU. Several computer rooms are around the lecture hall and you can access your workstation in your institution from there.


The University has very tight parking regulations. One cannot park in University property without parking permits. For those staying at the Dutch Quad can part at its parking lot for a fee of $3.40 a day. These can be purchased at check in. If you want to park within the University, you must park at the vistors lot for a fee. As the map above indicates everything is within walking distance.

Date and time of arrival

All are expected to arrive on Tuesday June 19th, by 6:00 pm, if at all possible. A Wine and Cheese Reception will be held for all delegates at the Patroon Terrace & Lounge, 8:30-11:30 pm. Even though all steps are taken to avoid inordinate delays for registration, it will help the system if the delegates can arrive between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, rather than between 4:00 pm - 10 pm. Arriving early in the day also provides time to put up the poster displays. Some of you have to arrive a day early because of flight regulations. Some of you have to stay over Saturday the 23rd to save money on the airlines.

Are you arriving early? Are you leaving late?

If you are arriving earlier than the 19th you must inform the appropriate people: for the University Residence Dutch Quad email: