Book of Abstracts: Albany 2005

category image Volume 22
No. 6
June 2005

Express-analysis of New Anti-tumor Compounds Binding with DNA

Almost all anti-tumor compounds, penetrating in a cell influence on structure of DNA, by which their anti-tumor effect is caused. Independently of mechanism of action (direct or undirected), the medicinal compounds influence on DNA changing it?s structure and properties.

The rather simple experimental method is offered: by investigating the structure, in particular spectrophotometrically determinating the thermodynamic parameters of binding (equilibrium constant and binding energy) as well as differential melting curves of modified DNA to make a correct choice from synthesized and biologically active anti-tumor medicinal compounds for the further investigation of mechanisms of their binding.

Antibiotics (mitoxantrone and ametontrone), alkylating anti-tumor compounds (phosphemide, cyclophosphane) applied in practice as anti-tumor preparations as well as testing compounds have been investigated by this way.

Yuri S. Babayan1,*
Alexan Sh. Markaryan1
Ruzan S. Kazaryan1
Jasmin H. Sarkisyan1
Ara. P. Antonyan2
Anna B.Khachatryan

Departments of
1Molecular Physics
Yerevan State University
375025 Yerevan, Armenia

*Phone: 3741 55 43 41
Email: usbaba@ysu.am