Albany 2015:Book of Abstracts

Albany 2015
Conversation 19
June 9-13 2015
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Dynamics of The Metabolic Pathway- An Approximate Study of The Krebs Cycle

Although the metabolic pathways have been widely studied and reported in literature, the dynamics of the network has not been really explored except in recent times. To study the rate processes involved in any detail, we must have detailed information on all the kinetic parameters related to the biochemical reactions. Such data are rarely available in the literature. The Michealis Menten equation, proposed more than one hundred years ago, was therefore a really giant step forward. Although it made use of the quasi-steady state approximation (QSSA), the result is surprisingly usable (Flach and Schnell, 2006). The simple equation with only two parameters has been used in many biochemical reaction models. However, extension of the same to a larger set of sequential (or cyclic) reaction pathways has been rare. We propose an oversimplified model to study the dynamics of the metabolic pathway, in this particular case, Krebs cycle (Korla and Mitra, 2014).

Using detailed kinetic equations we have setup differential equations for a model system as well as the full Krebs cycle. We have been able to study the dynamics and stability of the model system using the free software Octave. The roles of new constants and parameters are being explored (Bersani and Dell'Acqua, 2012).

We shall be presenting the theoretical foundations, simulation results and empirical explorations of the regions of stability.

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