Book of Abstracts: Albany 2007

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Conversation 15
June 19-23 2007

Discrimination of β-barrel Membrane Proteins: Comparison between Statistical Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms

Discriminating β-barrel membrane proteins from other folding types of globular and membrane proteins is an important task both for identifying β-barrel membrane proteins from genomic sequences and for the successful prediction of their secondary and tertiary structures. We have developed statistical methods and machine learning techniques for discriminating β-barrel membrane proteins using amino acid composition, residue pair preference and motifs. The information about amino acid composition could correctly identify the β-barrel membrane proteins at an accuracy of 89% and exclude globular and ?-helical membrane proteins at the accuracy level of 80% (1). The residue pair preferences and motifs have more information than amino acid composition and these methods improved the accuracy of more than 95% in detecting β-barrel membrane proteins (2). On the other hand, we have used support vector machines and neural networks for discriminating β-barrel membrane proteins. These machine learning techniques improved the overall accuracy to 92%. The sensitivity and specificity are, respectively, 89% and 94%, which indicate that the machine learning techniques excluded the globular and α-helical membrane proteins at better accuracy than identifying the β-barrel membrane proteins (3). From the comparison of statistical methods and machine learning techniques we observed that the statistical methods could identify the β-barrel membrane proteins at high accuracy while an opposite trend is observed for machine learning techniques, which correctly excluded other folding types of globular and membrane proteins (4).

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