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Conversation 17
June 14-18 2011
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Deoxyribozyme Sensors for Nucleic Acid Analysis

Deoxyribozyme (DNAzyme) sensors are biocompatible, chemically stabile, and simple in terms of structural prediction and modification. In addition, such sensors have the potential of an improved limit of detection (LOD) due to their ability to catalytically amplify signals. Two types of deoxyribozyme sensors have been developed by us in recent years. The sensor architecture allows for a unique combination of high selectivity and the convenience of fluorescent or visible (color change) signal monitoring in homogeneous solution. The LOD of the sensor was found to vary from 10 nM to 1 pM. Deoxyribozyme sensors are promising tools for the detection of single nucleotide substitutions in DNA and RNA molecules.


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