Copper Chemistry

category image Biological & Inorganic Copper Chemistry Volume 1
ISBN 0940030-11X

Biological & Inorganic Copper Chemistry Volume 2
ISBN 0940030-152

Copper Coordination Chemistry: Biochemical & Inorganic Perspectives
ISBN 0940030-039

Copper Coordination Chemistry: Biochemical & Inorganic Perspectives

Kenneth D. Karlin & Jon Zubieta



Bioinorganic Perspectives in Copper Coordination Chemistry
Edward I. Solomon

Spectroscopy, Kinetics, Structure and Redox Behavior

EXAFS Studies of the Binuclear Copper Site of Oxy-, Deoxy- and Met-Aquo, -Fluoro, and -Azido Hemocyanin from Arthopods and Mulluscs
Thomas G. Spiro, Geoffrey L. Wollery, James M. Brown, Linda Powers, Marjorie E. Winkler and Edward I. Solomon

Ligand to Metal Charge-Transfer Spectra of Cu(II) Chromophores
Harvey J. Schugar

Utilization of Pseudo-Tetrahedral Cu(II) Coordination Compounds to Interpret the Stereoelectronic Properties of Type I Cu(II) Centers in Metalloproteins
Jay R. Dorfman, Robert D. Bereman and Myung-Hwan Whangbo

Structural Systematics of Cu(I) and Cu(II) Derivatives of Tripodal Ligands
Jon Zubieta, Kenneth D. Karlin and Jon C. Hayes

Spectroscopic and Redox Trends from Model Copper Complexes
Anthony W. Addison

Redox Behvior of Cu(II) Complexes of b-Polyketonates; Two-Electron Transfer in Binuclear 1,3,5-Triketonates and Related Ligands
Richard L. Lintvedt

Copper(II)-Copper(I) Outer Sphere Electron Transfer
John K. Yandel

Structural Effects on Cu(II)/Cu(I) Potentials and Electron Transfer Kinetics as Well as Related Physical Peoperties in Polythiaether and Polyaminothiaether Complexes
David B. Rorabacher, Michael J. martin, Michael J. Koenigbauer, Michael Malik, Ronald R. Schroeder, John F. Endicott and Leo A. Ochrymowycz

A Molecular Orbital Study of Thioether Coordination to Copper Ions
David E. Nikles, Alfred B. Anderson and Fred L. Urbach

Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of Copper(I) Complexes
David R. McMillin, Roland E. Gamache, Jr., Jon R. Kirchhoff and Alan A. Del Paggio

Cu(I) and Cu(II) Complexes; Ligand Binding, O2 and CO Reactivity; Catalysis

Cu(I), Dioxygen and Catalysis
Andreas D. Zuberbühler

Copper-Mediated Oxidations of Aromatic Substrates: Synthetic Models for the Tyrosinase Activities and the Role of Molecular Oxygen
Miloroad M. Rogi´c, Michael D. Swerdloff and Timothy R. Demmin

Homogeneous Oxidative Coupling Catalysis. Studies of the Stoichiometries and Kinetics of Oxidation of Copper(I) Complexes by Dioxygen in Aprotic Media and their Relevance to Mechanisms of Catalysis
Geoffrey Davies and Mohamed A. El-Sayed

Copper(I)-Carbon Monoxide Chemistry; Recent Advances and Perspectives
Marco Pasquali and Carlo Floriani

Binuclear Copper Complexes of Some Macrocyclic and Acyclic Sciff Base Ligands
S. Martin Nelson

Synthetic Model Compounds for Type 3 Copper Proteins
Yvette Louise Agnus

Copper(II) Chemistry in Binucleating Macrocycles
Andrea E. Martin and Stephen J. Lippard

Copper(I) and Copper(II) Compounds with Chelating Imidazole-Containing Ligands
Paul J. M. W. L. Birker and Jan Reedijk

Characteristics and Reactivities of Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes
Sigeo Kida, Hisashi Okawa and Yuzo Nishida

Substrate Binding and Activation at Binuclear Copper Sites
John E. Bulkowski and William E. Summers III

Copper(I) and Copper(II) Complexes with Xylyl Binucleating Ligands: Structures and Reactions with Dioxygen
Kenneth D. Karlin, Jon C. Hayes and Jon Zubieta

The Chemistry of Copper(I) Complexes in Solution
Meguma Munakata and Susumu Kitagawa