Conformation in Biology

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Conformation in Biology
Hardcover 1983

Editors: R. Srinivasan & Ramaswamy H. Sarma

ISBN 0-940030-05-5

Conformation in Biology

R. Srinivasan & Ramaswamy H. Sarma


Forward by Linus Pauling

G. N. Ramachandran

Peptides & Proteins: Conformation, Interactions and Function

Interactions Between the Fundamental Structures of Polypeptide Chains
Harold A. Scheraga, Kou-Chen and George Némethy

Dynamic β-Spiral and a Librational Entropy Mechanism of Elasticity
Dan W. Urry, C. M. Venkatachalam, M. M. Long and K. U. Prasad

X-Ray Studies of the Protein Dynamics of Prealbumin
C. C. F. Blake and S. J. Oatley

Rotational Solutions in Folded Polypeptide Chains
Anthony A. Ribeiro, Roy King and Oleg Jardetzky

Protein as an Edited Statistical Copolymer?
Oleg B. Ptitsyn

Order Versus Regularity in Globular Proteins
A. M. Liquori

Lysozyme Structure: Why Still Work on it?
Raghupathy Sarma

The Three-Dimensional Structure of Calotropin DI, a Sulfhydryl Protese with Unusual Properties
Gour P. Pal, Rolf Hilgenfeld, Wolfram Saenger and Udo Heinemann

Conformational Flexibilities of Some Polypeptide Helices and Disulphide Bridged Peptides
R. Chandrasekaran and Alok K. Mitra

Conformational Criteria for, and Consequences of Proline Hydroxylation in Collagen
V. S. Ananthanarayanan

g-Helix at Atomic Resolution
E. Subramanian and V. Lalitha

Peptide Conformation: Variability and Uniqueness
Isabella L Karle and Jerome Karle

Stereochemically Constrained Peptides: Model Systems for the Study of Peptide Conformations
B. V. Venkataram Prasad and P. Balaram

Conformational Variety in Cyclic Pentapeptides
C. Ramakrishnan and B. N. Narasinga Rao

Some Aspects of Synthetic Bicyclic Peptides
Mark A Staples, John C. Tolle and Elkan R. Blout

Helical Structures of Gramicidin A and Their Role in Ion Chanelling
Yu. A. Ovchinnikov and V. T. Ivanov

Solid State Aggreagation of Amino Acids and Peptides: Some Biological Implications
M. Vijayan

The Nature and Size of the Binding Sites of Blood Group Specific, L-Fucose-Binding Lectins: A Conformational Approach
V. S. R. Rao and Margaret Biswas

Nucledic Acids: Conformation, Interactions and Function

The Stereochemical Concepts of Nucleic Acids
M. Sundaralingam

Structural Correlations in B-DNA
Richard E. Dickerson, Mary L. Kopaka and Horace R. Drew

Evolution of Nucleic Acid Conformation: The Rational for the Presense of 3'5' and the Absense of 2'5' Internucleotide Linkage
Ramaswamy H. Sarma and M. N. Dhingra

Reciprocal Conformational Relationships of 2'5' and 3'5' Polynucleotides: Single Stranded Helices of 2'5' Polynucleotides
R. Parthasarathy, M. Rajeswaran, T. Kieber-Emmons and R. Rein

Hydrogen Bonding in Nucleic Acid Bases, Their Derivatives and Complexes
S. K. Mazumdar, P. Thomas Muthiah and S. Chandhuri

Intercalation of Anions Between Nucleic Acid Bases: An Analysis of the Type of Intercalation and Their Stereochemistry as Observed in Crystal Structures
T. Srikrishnan and R. Parthasarathy

Structural Studies of Polyamines and Their Interactions with Nucleic Acids
Vasantha Pattabhi and K. Chandrasekhar

From Nucleotides to Nucleosomes – Stereochemical Approaches to Probe the Adaptability of the Backbone Conformations in Nucleic Acids
N. Yathindra, S. Jayaraman and R. Malathi

The Role of Stacking in Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions
N. Vasant Kumar and Girjesh Govil

Flexibility of the Duplex DNA: Implications of the Medium Resolution Crystal Structure Analysis of Oligonucleotides
Shashidhar N. Rao and V. Sasisekharan

Aspects of the Macromolecular Structure of Polymorphic DNA
Bernard Pullman and Alberte Pullman

Chain Statistics with Irreducible Tensors: Application to Double Stranded DNA
Stuart A. Allison and John A. Schellman

X-Ray Crystallography and Molecular Structure

On the Fusion of Direct Methods with Isomorphous Replacement and Anomalous Dispersion and Potential Application to the Determination of Macromolecules Structures
Herbert Hauptman

The Representation of Non-Normal Probability Distributions of Structure Factors
U. Shmueli and A. J. C. Wilson

DIRDIF: Computaional and Statistical Aspects of Direct Methods Applied to Difference Structure Factors
Paul T. Beurskens, W. P. Bosman, H. M. Doesburg, Th. E. M. van den Hark, P. A. J. Prick, J. H. Noordik, Gezina Beurskens, R. O. Gould and V. Parthasarathi

Solution of the X-Ray Phase Problem in Non-Centrosymmetric Crystals by Anomalous Scattering
S. T. Rao

Measurability of Bijvoet Differences in Macromolecular Crystals
S. Parthasarathy and D. Velmurugan

Studies on Structure of Morellin
Gopinath Kartha and Gopala Ambady

Monovalent Cation Binding to High Energy Phosphates: X-Ray Study of Monopotassium and Monosodium Salts of Phosphoenolpyruvate
M. A. Viswamitra, M. V. Hosur and S. K. Katti

Steric Factors in the Spatial Structure Crystalline Form of Isotactic Polystyrene
Y. T. Thathachari and W. A. Tiller

A Low Density, Solvent Stabilized Crystalline Form of Isotactic Polyetyrene
P. R. Sundararagan

Protein Crystallography in Osaka
Masao Kakudo

Biography and Bibliography: G. N. Ramachandran
R. Srinivasan

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