Albany 2001

category image Biomolecular
SUNY at Albany
June 19-23, 2001

Conformation of Azidoguanosine: An Anti-AIDS Drug

The conformations of drugs play a very important role in determining their biological properties. In order to understand the role of the conformation of anti-HIV agents perturbative configuration interaction using localized orbitals (PCILO) method was used on 3'-Azido-2', 3'-dideoxyguanosine, which is a potent and selective inhibitor of human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) and its parent molecules guanosine and 2', 3'-dideoxyguanosine. The result indicates great similarity between them and is remarkably striking in the situation that prevails in aqueous solution. This result has important biological significance in explaining the drug action of azidodideoxyguanosine.

Azra Parveen and R. P. Ojha

Biophysics Unit, Department of Physics, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur-273009, India
Email: rp_ojha@yahoo.com