DNA-Ligand Interactions

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Chemistry & Physics of DNA-Ligand Interactions
Hardcover 1990

Editor: Neville R. Kallenbach

ISBN 0-940030-25-X

Editorial Review
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Directed toward researchers and graduate students interested in the structural dynamics of DNA and its complexes with drugs. Provides a review of modern solution and theoretical methods for investigating these dynamics and interactions. Chapters include surveys of the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of the interactions, as well as the influence of counterions, and NMR and kinetic aspects. A new area, chemical footprinting, is included. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Chemistry & Physics of DNA-Ligand Interactions

Neville R. Kallenbach

Neville R. Kallenbach and Richard D. Sheardy

Physico-Chemical Studies on Anthracycline-DNA Interactions: Analysis of Equilibrium, Kinetic and Structural Data
H. Fritzsche and A. Walter

The Polyelectrolyte Correction to Site Exclusion Numbers in Drug-DNA Binding
Richard A. G. Friedman and Gerald S. Manning

Statistical Mechanics of Nucleic Acid Helix Formation and the Intercalation of Ligands
Jeffrey W. Nelson

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Drug-Nucleic Acid Interactions
Richard H. Shafer and Stephen C. Brown

Quantitative Footprinting Analysis of Drug-DNA Interactions
James C. Dabrowiak and Jerry Goodisman

From Reporter Molecules to Peptides-Interactions with Nucleic Acids
Richard D. Sheady, W. David Wilson and H. Dalton King