Mendel-Brno 2000

category image Volume: 17
Issue Number 6, Part 2
June 2000

CBP Is Involved In Regulation Of Differentiation Of V-Myb-Transformed Monoblasts

CBP (CREB binding protein) is a transcription coactivator that caninteract with many transcription factors as c-Myb/v-Myb, CREB, c-Fos,c-Jun/v-Jun, p53, nuclear receptors as well as another proteins and it can modify theirtransactivation capabilities. A study of functional relationships betweenMyb proteins and retinoic acid receptors RAR and RXR is our long-term aim.In order to clarify the role of CBP in signaling pathways driven by v-Myb we inducibly expressed human CBP proteinin the line of v-myb ? transformed chicken monoblasts BM2. We found that CBP expression does notdramatically affect phenotype of BM2 cells. However, CBP was found tomodify the response of BM2 cells to certain external inducers as phorbol ester TPA,retinoic acid and trichostatin A. Morphology of BM2CBP cells exposed toeach of these inducers is significantly changed in comparison withBM2 wild type cells. We are currently performing detail analyses of theseprocesses. Our results suggest that CBP is involved in regulation ofmyeloid differentiation.

This work was supported by the grant no. nm/16-3 of the internal grant agency of ministry of health of the czech republic and by the grant no. msm 143100008 of the ministry of education, youth and sports of the czech republic.

A. Nemajerov√°, J. Smarda* and J. Smardov√°

Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Department of Cellular andMolecular Biology,
Zluty kopec 7, 656 53 Brno, Czech Republic
*Masaryk University, Faculty of Science,
Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Kotlarska 2, 611 37 Brno, Czech Republic