Albany 2019: 20th Conversation - Abstracts

category image Albany 2019
Conversation 20
June 11-15 2019
Adenine Press (2019)

Imaging the 3D organization of the chromosome and transcriptome in single cells and the cell atlas of tissues

The spatial organization of genome plays an important role in many essential genome functions from gene regulation to genome replication. However, many gaps remain in our understanding of the three-dimensional (3D) organization of chromatin in the nucleus, partly because of the lack of proper imaging tools to directly visualize this organization. We have developed super-resolution imaging and multiplex fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) methods that allow tracing of the 3D conformation of chromatin in cell nucleus with high resolution. In this talk I will present these methods and their applications to the studies of chromatin domain and compartment organization in individual cells.

I will also present a single-cell transcriptome imaging method, multiplexed error-robust FISH (MERFISH). MERFISH uses error-robust barcoding, combinatorial labeling and sequential imaging to enable RNA imaging at the transcriptomic scale in individual cells. By allowing single-cell transcriptomic analysis in the native context of cells and tissues, MERFISH facilitates the delineation of gene regulatory networks, the mapping of RNA distributions inside cells, and the mapping of distinct cell types in complex tissues. In this presentation, I will also talk about our technology development of MERFISH and its application to cell atlas mapping.

Xiaowei Zhuang

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Harvard University
12 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Email: zhuang@chemistry.harvard.edu