Open Access

Optional Open Access Policy for JBSD

When an article is published under "Open Access," it , in full text, full image, and searchable form, becomes universally available in digital form, free of charge to anyone in the world. The authors, the publisher, and the right holders grant the right to use, reproduce, and disseminate the work in digital form to all users.

The availability of full text articles in fully searchable form under open access enables the various internet search engines and crawlers to go through the article and index the results. This may increase the probability of other researchers becoming aware of the work.

Open access treats the cost of publication as part of the research project, and it is estimated that the current cost is US $1,500 per article.

The authors of articles in JBSD may elect to have their articles published under "Open Access," provided the cost of publication (US $1,500) is paid in advance. This policy applies to articles already published or for future submissions. If Open Access Option is not exercised, the articles will be published in the traditional manner, in print and online versions.

When an article is published in JBSD under Open Access, the following will happen:

  1. Search results at PubMed will indicate it to be a free full text article and provide the link to the original JBSD web site.

  2. At the JBSD web site (http://www.jbsdonline.com), a full text/full image, html version with a search engine will appear, and this will be accessible to anyone without any logins or payments.

  3. Without logging in or paying a fee, a visitor can download the full text/full image PDF version of the article as it appeared in the print version. Cover page will show an isignia releasing copyright protection for electronic versions.

  4. Open Access articles will be identified by a special insignia in the Table of Contents at the JBSD web site.

  5. Any supplementary material associated with an article will be available, free of charge, at the JBSD web site.

  6. Adenine Press will not hold the copy rights for the digital version of "Open Access" JBSD articles that appear at the journal web site.

Examples of Open Access Articles in JBSD can be found at the following links:

Nucleosome DNA Bendability Matrix

Sequence Structure of Hidden 10.4-base Repeat in the Nucleosomes of C. elegans

Binding Sites of the E. Coli DNA Recombinase Protein to the ssDNA: A Computational Study

RNA2D3D: A program for Generating, Viewing, and Comparing 3-Dimensional Models of RNA

ISFOLD: Structure Prediction of Base Pairs in Non-Helical RNA Motifs from Isostericity Signatures in Their Sequence Alignments

The Impact of Dyskeratosis Congenita Mutations on the Structure and Dynamics of the Human Telomerase RNA Pseudoknot Domain

Using Bagging Classifier to Predict Protein Domain Structural Class

JBSD Open Access Policy and NIH, HHMI and Wellcome Trust

If authors supported by NIH, HHMI or Wellcome Trust, do not wish to pay publication charge for JBSD Open Access, they are welcome to upload their final revised article in manuscript form to PubMed Central, one year after publication.

On the other hand, if they pay the publication cost for JBSD Open Access, in addition to their article appearing Open Access at JBSD web site, they can also upload their published PDF version to PubMed Central and to any other web site of their choice. Besides, at the PubMed, searches will indicate that it is a Free Article, and PubMed will provide a link to the free full text version at the JBSD web site. JBSD works closely with PubMed with respect to Open Access articles. It makes a huge difference in the broadcast of articles worldwide when authors pay the publication cost and publish their articles as Open Access in JBSD.

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