Structure & Statistics

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Structure & Statistics in Crystallography
Hardcover 1985

Editor: A. J. C. Wilson

ISBN 0-940030-10-1

Structure & Statistics in Crystallography

A. J. C. Wilson

A. J. C. Wilson

Intensity Statistics

Crystallographic Statistics and the Development of Direct Methods
J. Karle

Fourier Series and Other representations of Crystallographic Probability Density Functions
G. H. Weiss, U. Scmueli, J. E. Kiefer and A. J. C. Wilson

Effect of Heavy Atoms on Intensity Statistics of X-Ray Diffraction from Crystals
D. Pradhan, S. Ghosh and G. D. Nigam

Centric, Bicentric, and Partially Bicentric Intensity Statistics
U. Shmueli and G. H. Weiss

Non-Crystallographic Translational Symmetry: Effects on Diffraction-Intensity Statistics
G. Cascarano, G. Giacovazzo ana M. Lui´c

A Best Test to Distinguish Between X-Ray Intensity Distributions for Space-Group Determination
S. Parthasarathy and N. Elango

Effect of Statistical Fluctuations and Systematic Errors on Intensity Distributions – Which Way Forward?
A. J. C. Wilson

Estimation of Parameters

Precision and Accuracy in Structure Refinement by the Rietveld Method
E. Prince

Entropy Maximization: An Alternative to Squares Minimization
D. M. Collins

Information and Crystal-Structure Estimation
S. W. Wilkins, S. Steenstrup and J. N. Varghese

A Method for the Systematic Modification of Least-Sqaures Weights to Account for Residual Error
Wang Hong and B. E. Robertson

The Variances and Covariances of Measured Intensities in Precise Lattice-Constant Determination by the Bond Method
E. Galdecka

Precise and Accurate Estimation of Crystallographic Parameters by Maximum Likelihood and Min-Max Methods
G. B. Mitra, Rabea Ahmed and Prabal Das Gupta

The Influence of Individual Reflections on the Precision of Parameter Estimates in Least-Squares Refinement
E. Prince and W. L. Nicholson

Principles Involved in the Development of Expert Systems for Data Acquisition
H. J. Milledge M. J. Mendelssohn, C. M. O’Brien and G. I. Webb