Conversation 4: Proceedings

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Biomolecular Stereodynamics
Volumes Three and Four, Hardcover 1986

The Proceedings of the Fourth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 4-8, 1985

Editors: Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-940030-14-4 Volume 3;
ISBN: 0-940030-18-7 Volume 4

Biomolecular Stereodynamics Volume 2

The Proceedings of the Fourth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 4-8, 1985

Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

Contents Volume IV


Intramolecular Collapse of DNA: Structure and Dynamics
Dietmar Porschke

Motional Dynamics of the DNA Double Helix
E. W. Prohofsky

Ionic Stabilization and Modulation of Nucleic Acid Conformations in Solution
Dikeos Mario Soumpasis

Environmental Influences on DNA Superhelicity: Ionic Strength and Temperature Effects on Superhelix Conformation in Solution
G. W. Brady, M. Satkowski, D. Foos and C. J. Benham

The Effect of Base Sequence and Morphology Upon the Conformation and Properties of Double Helical DNA
W. K. Olson, A. R. Srinivasan, M. A. Cueto, R. Torres, R. C. Maroun, J. Cicariello and J. L. Nuss

On Loopfolding in Nucleic Acid Hairpin-Type Structures
C. A. G. Haasnoot, C. W. Hilbers, G. A. van der Marel, J. H. van Boom, U. C. Singh, N. Pattabiraman and P. A. Kollman

Structural Studies of DNA Fragments: The G.T Base Pair in A, B and Z DNA; The G.A. Base Pair in B-DNA
Olga kennard

Determination of the Three-Dimensional Structures of Oligonucleotides in Solution: Combined Use of Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement Measurements and Restrained Least Squares Refinement
G. Marius Clore and A. M. Gronenborn

Structural Studies of Nucleic Acid Double Helices in Solution: Principle and Application of One-Dimensional Nuclear Overhauser Effect Measurements
R. H. Sarma, M. H. Sarma and G. Gupta

The Left-Handed Z-form of Double Stranded RNA
P. Cruz, K. Hall, J. Puglisi, P. Davis, C. C. Hardin, M. O. Trulson, R. A. Mathies, I. Tinoco, Jr., W. C. Johnson, Jr. and T. Neilson

Anomalous Protonation of Polypurine: Polypyrimidine DNA Sequences: A New Form of DNA Helix
D. E. Pulleyblank and D. B. Haniford

Application of the Precession Method to Fiber Diffraction: Structural Variation in Lithium B-DNA
M. Sundaramoorthy, P. Parrack and V. Sasisekharan

DNA and RNA Structures in Crystals, Fibers and Solutions by Raman Spectroscopy with Applications to Nucleoproteins
G. J. Thomas, Jr., J. M. Benevides and B. Prescott

Homogeneous Double-Helix Stability in Individual Genes
A. Wada and A. Suyama

Evolution and Functional Significance of the Bias in Codon Usage
R. D. Blake, P. W. Hinds, S. Early, A. L. Hillyard and G. R. Day

On the Conformational Properties of 5S RNA
N. B. Leonitis, P. Ghosh and P. B. Morre

The Structure of Yeast tRNAAsp. A Model for tRNA Interacting with Messenger RNA
D. Moras, A. C. Dock, P. Dumas, E. Westhof, P. Romby, J. P. Ebel and R. Giegé


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