Book of Abstracts: Albany 2007

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Conversation 15
June 19-23 2007

Platinum metallointercalators to target G-quadruplex structures

The potential for telomerase inhibition using intercalation has aroused significant attention and numerous studies probing the interaction of organic intercalating agents with several G-Quadruplex motifs. However, the behavior of transition metal intercalator complexes with G-Quadruplexes is an area that is relatively underexplored. Currently a few transition metal based intercalators do exist, incorporating nickel, ruthenium, manganese and copper metal ions. However, the interaction of platinum metallointercalators and G-Quadruplexes has not been explored. Platinum-based metallointercalators may show preference for G-Quadruplex motifs due to their square planar geometry and thus, their ability to create multiple electrostatic and van der Waals contacts with the guanines in the stacks. We are currently investigating the interaction of a series of platinum complexes containing substituted phenanthromidazole based ligands with a parallel G-Quadruplex motif.

Roxanne Kieltyka,
Nicolas Moitessier
Hanadi F. Sleiman

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