Albany 2011: Conversation 17

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Conversation 17
June 14-18 2011
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Book of Abstracts: 17th Conversation in PDF

We invite you to download the complete Book of Abstracts of Albany 2011: 17th Conversation to get a glimpse of where we are at structural biology now. You will be amazed at the progress that has been achieved in the discipline in the last two years. It is an Open Access document to be shared by all interested people.

Book of Abstracts of Albany 2011: 17th Conversation is a 200 page document with 74 color pages, and we have used special compression techniques to create a pdf of only 6.3 MB in size from such a massive document. We believe that it can be transported via email and internet. It will take approximately 2 minutes to download this.

1. The book contains 204 abstracts of lectures and posters. Some of the late received abstracts are published only at the conference web site.

2. The speakers names that appear on initial pages are linked to the abstract pages.

3. All abstracts bear a number, and this number is very important for those who present the posters. Posters must be installed only on the station which bears the corresponding abstract number.

4. Posters are installed on Tuesday June 14th after 1 pm. The posters remain in place in their stations throughout the Conversation and come off the stations only on Friday June 17th evening.
5. There are six poster sessions, and we will announce later what posters are presented when.

6. Very shortly we will provide you detailed logistics and everything that you need to know about participating in Albany 2011.

To download the Book Of Abstracts Click the link below:

Download Book of Abstracts in PDF: 17th Conversation

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