Conversation 4: Proceedings

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Biomolecular Stereodynamics
Volumes Three and Four, Hardcover 1986

The Proceedings of the Fourth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 4-8, 1985

Editors: Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-940030-14-4 Volume 3;
ISBN: 0-940030-18-7 Volume 4

Biomolecular Stereodynamics Volume 1

The Proceedings of the Fourth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 4-8, 1985

Ramaswamy H. Sarma, Ph.D. & Mukti H. Sarma, Ph.D.

Contents Volume III


The Structure of the Histone Octamer and its Dynamics in Chromatin Function
R. W. Burlingame, W. E. Love, T. H. Eickbush and E. N. Moudrianakis

A Different View Point on the Chromatin Higher Order Structure: Steric Exclusion Effects
L. E. Ulanovsky and E. N. Trifonov

Structural Studies on a DNA-EcoRI Endonuclease Recognition Complex
J. A. McClarin, C. A. Frederick, J. Grable, C. T. Samudzi, B.-C. Wang, P. Greene, H. W. Boyer and J. M. Rosenburg

Recognition of Nucleic Acid Structure by Monoclonal Autoantibodies Reactive with B-DNA and a Monoclonal Anti-GMP Antibody
B. David Stollar, B.-S. Huang and M. Blumenstein

Probing Nucleic Acid Structure with Metallointercalators
C. V. Kumar, A. L. Raphael and J. K. Barton

The Interactions of Drugs and Carcinogens with Left-Handed and Right-Handed DNA
T. R. Krugh, G. T. Walker, D. G. Sanford, J. M. Castle and J. A. Alley

Oligodeoxynucleotides Covalently Linked to an Intercalating Agent, Structural and Thermodynamic Studies of a Dodecathymidylate and its Binding to Polynucleotides
C. Héléne, F. Toulme, M. Delarue, U. Asseline, M. Takasugi, J. C. Maurizot, T. Montenary-Garestier and N. T. Thoung

Crystalline Hydrates of a Drug-Nucleic Acid Complex
H. M. Berman and S. L. Ginell

Mechanistic Studies of DNA Gyrase
A. Maxwell, D. C. Rau and M. Gelbert

Direct Comparison of the Membrane Bound and Structural Forms of the Coat Protein of the Filamentous Bacteriophage
L. A. Colnago, G. C. Leo, K. G. Valentine and S. J. Opella

Solid-State 13C- and 15N-NMR Investigations of the Mechanism of Proton-Pumping by Bacteriorhodopsin's Retinal Chromophore
S. O. Smith, G. S. Harbison, D. P. Raleigh, J. E. Roberts, J. A. Pardeon, S. K. Das Gupta, C. Mulliken, R. A. Mathies, J. Lugtenburg, J. Herzfeld and R. G. Griffin

Elasticity of the Polypentapeptide of Elastin Due to a Regular, Non-random, Dynamic Conformation: Review of the Temperature Strudies
Dan W. Urry

Conformational Changes in Cyclic Peptides Upon Complexation with Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions
Isabella L. Karle

Mobility and Heterogeneity in Protein Structures as Seen by Diffraction
W. A. Hendrickson, J. L. Smith and S. Sheriff

Ligand Binding: New Theoretical Approaches to Molecular Recognition
J. A. McCammon, T. P. Lybrand, S. A. Allison and S. H. Northrup

Solvent Effects on Conformational Stability in the ALA Dipeptide: Full Free Energy Simulations
D. L. Beveridge, G. Ravishankar, M. Mezei and B. Gedulin

Water-Hydronium Interactions: A Computer Simulation
S. L. Fornili, M. Migliore and M. A. Palazzo

The Effect of Different Force Fields on the Probable Hydration Sites of Urea
F. Vovelle and J. M. Goodfellow

A Sol-Sol Transition as the First Step in the Gelation of Agarose Sols
P. L. San Biagio, J. Newman, F. Madonia and M. U. Palma

Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Structures: Experiments on Noise Induced Order
F. Sciortino, M. Lapis, C. M. Carollo, S. L. Fornili and M. B. Palam-Vittorelli

MOSES: A Computer Graphics Simlulation Program in Real Time
S. Srinivasan, D. McGroder, M. Shibata and R. Rein

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