Biomembrane Structure

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Biomembrane Structure & Function: The State of the Art
Hardcover 1992

The Proceedings of the Indo-U.S. Workshop India, January, 1991

Editors: B. P. Gaber & K. R. K. Easwaran

ISBN: 0-940030-35-7

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Proceedings of the First US-India Workshop on [title], held January 1991, in Bangalore, India. Topics addressed include: membrane self- assembly, membrane proteins, membrane lipids, membrane transport, phospholipases, and computers in membrane research. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Biomembrane Structure & Function: The State of the Art

The Proceedings of the Indo-U.S. Workshop
India, January, 1991

B.P. Gaber & K.R.K. Easwaran

Membrane Self-Assembly

When Lipids Bilayers Won?t Form Liposomes: Tubules, Helices, and Cochleate Cylinders
Paul Yager, John Chappell and Douglas D. Archibald

Vesicle-Micelle Transitions of Surfactant Phospholipid Systems
Anne Walter

Phospholipids and Self-Assembled Microstructures: Accomplishments, Challenges and Future Prospects
Alok Singh and Michael Markowitz

Controlling Binding and Organization of Proteins with Model Biomembrane Systems Through Specific Recognition
D. W. Grainger, M. Ahlers, P. Meller, R. Blankenburg, A. Reichert, H. Ringsdorf, C. Salesse, J. N. Herron and K. Lim

Compposite Membranes and Structured Interfaces: From Simple to Complex Designs in Biology
Evan Evans

Membrane Proteins

On the Structures of Integral Membrane Proteins
S. J. Singer

Erythrocyte Membrane Proteins in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Joyoti Basu, Manikuntala Kundu and Parul Chakrabarti

Molecular Mechanisms of Stretch Activation of Membrane-Bound Proteins
V. Sitaramam

Peptide Models for Membrane Proteins
Laura Ann Chung

Membrane Lipids

Depth-Dependent Photoprobing of Membranes with Fluorenyl Fatty Acids
Anil K. Lala and Vishwanath Koppaka

Membrane Penetration Depth Analysis Using Fluorescence Quenching: A Critical Review
Amitabha Chattopadhyay

Cholesterol Location and Function in Bovine Rod Outer Segment Disk Membranes
Arlene D. Albert and Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia

Genesis and Maintenance of Erythrocyte Membrane Phospholipid Asymmetry: Comparative Roles of Aminophospholipid Pump and Membrabe Skeleton-Bilayer Interactions
C. M. Gupta

Phosphatidylinositols and Transmembrane Signalling
P. S. Sastry

Membrane Transport

Rapid Transport of Protons Across Membranes: Its Significance, Measurement and Control
G. Krishnamoorthy and Ishaqk Ahmed

Role of Water in Proton Flux Mechanisms
D. W. Deamer

Modulation of Channel Functions by the Host Bilayer
Olaf S. Andersen, Douglas B. Sawyer and Roger E. Koeppe II

Gramicidin: A Pore Example of a ?Simple? Channel
Robert W. Janes and B. A. Wallace

A23187 (Calcimycin): Structure and Interaction in Relation to its Transmembrane Calcium-ion Transport
K. R. K. Easwaran and S. V. Balasubramanian


Interfacial Kinetic Parameters for Catalysis by Phospholipase A2
Mahendra Kumar Jain

Short-Chain Phospholipids: Useful Aggreagates in Understanding Phospholipase Activity
Mary F. Roberts

Snake Venom Phosapholipase A2: A Multifunctional Polypeptide
T. Veerabasappa Gowda

Computers in Membrane Research

Lipids - A New View
Bruce Paul Gaber, Krishnan Manboodiri, David C. Turner and Albert Hybl

Ionic Selectivity of Proteins: Lessons from Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Valinomycin
Geirge Eisenman and Osvaldo Alvarez

Parameter Development for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Lipids
Indira Chandrasekhar

Ion Parameter Development for Effective Two-Body Potentials: K+ amd Na+ in Methanol
Tami J. Marrone and Kenneth M. Merz, Jr.

Structural Aspects of Bacteriorhodopsin - Computer Medeling
Saraswathi Vishveshwara and R. Sankararamakrishnan