Conversation 2: Proceedings

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Biomolecular Stereodynamics
Volumes One and Two, Hardcover 1982

The Proceedings of the Second Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, April 26-29, 1981

Editor: R. H. Sarma

ISBN 0-940030-00-4 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-01-2 Volume 2

Biological Structure & Dynamics Volume 2

The Proceedings of the Second Conversation
The University-SUNY, Albany NY, April 26-29, 1981

R. H. Sarma


Contents Volume 2

Introduction: Biomolecular Conformation?Retrospects and Prospects ( A Philosophical Review)
G. N. Ramachandran

Protein-Membrane Interactions, Membrane Transport and Dynamics

Recent Studies on Bacteriorhodopsin
R. J. Andregg, H. Bayley, K. Biemann, S. H. Chang, R. J. Dunn, G. E. Gerber, C. P. Gray, W. C. Herlihy, B. Höjeberg, K.-S. Huang, V. C. Joshi, H. G. Khorana, K. Kimura, M. -J. Liao, C. Lind, E. London, A. Majumdar, O. Makabe, J. M. McCoy, R. Radhakrishnan, U. L. RajBhandary, A. H. Ross, M. Simsek, Y. Takagaki and D. Wildenauer

Structure of an Acetylcholine Receptor, A Hypothesis for a Dynamic Mechanism of its Action
Robert M. Stroud

NMR Studies of the Transport and Storage of Biologically Active Substances in Vesicular Membranes
James H. Prestegard, D. B. Viscio and J. J. Krendel

Deuterium Magnetic Resonance of Bilayer Model Membranes
B. J. Forrest, L. Hecker de Carvalho and L. W. Reeves

Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions

Nucleosome Interactions and Chromatin Function
G. Felsenfeld, J. McHee, W. Wood, G. Sandeen and H. Eisenberg

The Organization of DNA in the Nucleosome Core Particle
T. J. Richmond, A. Klug, J. T. Finch and L. C. Lutter

Histone Variants, Histone Modifications and Chromatin Structure
E. M. Bradbury and H. R. Mattews

SV40 Virus as a Model for Cellular Chromatin: Studies on the Mechanism of Chromosome Segregation
Olof Sundin and Alexander Varshavsky

Binding of the Antitumor Drug cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum(II) to DNA and to the Nucleosome Core Particle
Stephen J. Lippard

The Effects of Metal Ions on DNA-Protein and DNA Polypeptide Complexes
Gunther L. Eichhorn, Edward Tarien, Gabriel A. Elgavish, James J. Butzow and Yonng A. Shin

Crystallographic Studies on a DNA Helix Destabilizing Protein
A. McPherson, F. A. Jurnak, G. Bayer, Ian Molineux, P. D. Fitzgerald, A. H. J. Wang and A. Rich

Structure and Motion in Proteins

Dynamics of Proteins
Martin Karplus

Diffusion-Collision Dynamics of Folding Proteins
D. L. Weaver

Structures and Dynamics of Proitweins by Proton NMR. Applications of Nuclear Overhauser Effects to Lysozyme
M. Delepierre, C. M. Dobson, J. C. Hoch, E. T. Olejniczak, F. M. Poulsen, R. G. Ratcliffe and C. Redfield

Solid State NMR Investigations of Lipid Bilayers, Peptides and Proteins
D. M. Rice, A. Blume, R. J. Wittebort, T. H. Huang, S. K. DasGupta and R. G. Griffin

Deuterium NMR of Proteins in Solution, in Membranes, and in the Crystalline Solid-State
Suzanne Schramm, Robert A. Kinsey, Agustin Kintanar, T. Michael Rothgeb and Eric Oldfield

Measurement and Identification of Breathing Units in Hemoglobin by Hydrogen Exchange Methods
J. R. Rogero, J. J. Englander and S. W. Englander

Observation of Bounded Diffusive Motions in Protein Crystals by Mössbauerr Gamma-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
S. G. Cohen, E. R. Bauminger, I. Nowik, S. Ofer and J. Yariv

Structure and Dynamics of Polypeptides

Conformational Flexibility and the Dynamics of Ion Capture by Ion Transport Antibiotics
Willliam L. Duax and G. David Smith

NMR Studies of Peptide Conformations: Characterization of Thymopoietin and Ubiquitin Fragments
N. Rama Krishna and Gideon Goldstein

Dynamic Conformations of Peptide Hormones: NMR Studies of Isotopic Isomers Containing Deuterium, Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15
David Cowburn, David H. Live and William C. Agosta

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigations of the Stereodynamics of Interaction Between Neurophysin and Neurohypophysial Hormones
Michael Blumenstein, Victor J. Hruby and V. Viswanatha

Computer Graphic Analysis of Thyroid Hormone Conformation and Protein Binding Interactions
Vivian Cody

The Molecular Basis of the Stereospecific Binding of Blood Group M and N Antibodies and Calcium to the Aminoterminal Sialoglycopeptides of Human Erythrocyte Glycophorin A
Ian M. Armitage, Rainer Prohaska, Theodore A. W. Koerner and Heinz Furthmayr

Polypeptide and Ligand Binding to Nucleic Acids

Bleomycin-DNA Complex: A Proposed Model
Shue-Yih, Masaru Takeshita and Arthur P. Grollman

Studies of Bleoycin and Its Complexes with Polyvalent Metals and Nucleic Acids
J. D. Glickson, R. P. Pillai, J. M. Riordan, T. T. Sakai, R. E. Lankeinski, N. R. Krishna and G. A. Elgavish

Heteronuclear Two-Dimensional NMR as a Conformational Probe of Cellular Phosphates
Phillip H. Bolton

Deformation of DNA by Carcinogenic Agents
S. Broyde, B. Hingerty and S. Stellman

Three Families of Intercalation Sites for Parallel Base Pairs: A Theoretical Model
Kenneth J. Miller

Conformational Flexibility of Nucleotides and Metal Ion Interactions. The Effect of Mg2+ Ions
Moschos Polissiou and Theophile Theophanides

Closing Remarks
Sir David Phillips