Conversation 2: Proceedings

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Biomolecular Stereodynamics
Volumes One and Two, Hardcover 1982

The Proceedings of the Second Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, April 26-29, 1981

Editor: R. H. Sarma

ISBN 0-940030-00-4 Volume 1;
ISBN 0-940030-01-2 Volume 2

Biological Structure & Dynamics Volume 1

The Proceedings of the Second Conversation
The University-SUNY, Albany NY, April 26-29, 1981

R. H. Sarma


Contents Volume 1

Structure and Reactivity of DNA and RNA Double Helices

Single-Crystal X-ray Structure Analyses of A, B, and Z Helices or One Good Turn Derserves Another
Richard E. Dickerson, Horace R. Drew and Ben Conner

DNA: Right-Handed and Left-Handed Helical Conformations
Alexander Rich, Gary J. Quigley and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Structure of the DNA Double Helix in Solution, Crystals and Theory. Coming of Age of Z-DNA.
Ramaswamy H. Sarma, C. K. Mitra and Mukti H. Sarma

Left-Handd DNA in Restriction Fragments and a Recombinant Plasmid
R. D. Wells, J. Klysik, S. M. Stirdivant, J. Larson and P. A. Hart

Propeller Twisted Adenine-Thymine Base Pairs in the DNA Double Helix in Solution; Solution Spatial Configuration of the AATT Domain in the Double Helices of d-GGAATTCC and d-CGCGAATTCGCG
Ramaswamy H. Sarma, B. J. Wagner and C. K. Mitra

Fibrous Polynucleotide Duplexes Have Very Polymorphic Secondary Structures
Struther Arnott and Rengaswami Chandrasekaran

Conformational Flexibility of DNA: A Theoretical Formalism
V. Sasisekharan, Manju Bansal, Samir K. Bramachari and Goutam Gupta

Successful Force-Fitting of Nucleic Acid Base Dimerazation Energies and Distances With an Emperical-Potential Function That Uses an Adjustable Dielectric and Explicitly Accouints For Lone-Pair Electrons with an Adjustable Set of Charges
Rick L. Ornstein and Jacques R. Fresco

Electrostatic Molecular Potentials and Accessibilities in Z-DNA Versus B-DNA
Krystyna Zakrzewska, Richard Lavery and Bernard Pullman

The Molecular Electrostatic Potential on the Surface Envelopes of Macromolecules: Yeast tRNAPhe
Richard Lavery, Alberte Pullman and Sylvie Corbin

Nuclear Overhauser Effect Studies of tRNA: A Progress Report
Alfred G. Redfield, Siddhartha Roy, Valentina Sánchez James Tropp and Nara Figueroa

Solvation of DNA at 300 K: Counter-Ion Structure, Base-Pair Sequence Recognition and Conformational Transitions. A Computer Experiment
Enrico Clementi and Giorgina Corongiu

Intercalation of Water Molecules Between Nucleic Acid Bases: Sandwiches and Half-Sandwiches
R. Parthasarathy, T. Srikrishnan and Stephen L. Ginell

Nucleic Acid Junctions: Building Blocks for Genetic Engineering in Three Dimensions
Nadrian C. Seeman

Simulation of Double Stranded Branch Point Migration
Nadrian C. Seeman and Bruce H. Robinson

The Nature of the Mobility of the Sugar and its Effects on the Dynamics and Functions of RNA and DNA
M. Sundaralingam and E. Westhof

Internal Motion in the Double Helix

Understanding the Motions of DNA
Wilma K. Olson

NMR Relaxation Studies of the Structural and Dynamic Properties of DNA
David R. Kearns, Nuria Assa-Munt, Ronald W. Behling, Thomas A. Early, Juli Feignon, Joseph Granot, Wolfgang Hillen and Robert D. Wells

Backbone Conformational Changes in DNA Restriction Fragments of Known Sequence. 31P Relaxationb Studies
Phillip A. Hart, Charles F. Anderson, Wolfgang Hillen and Robert D. Wells

Natural Abundance Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopic Studies of Native and Denatured DNA
Randolph L. Rill, Peter R. Hilliard, Jr., Linda F. Levy and George C. Levy

Fluorescence Decay Studies of Anisotropic Rotations: Internal Motions in DNA
Mary D. Barkley, Andrzej A. Kowalcyk and Ludwig Brand

Equilibrium and Kinetic Characteristics of the Low Temperature Open State in Polynucleotide Duplexes
Richard S. Preisler, Chabinath Mandal, S. Walter Englander, Neville R. Kallenbach, Frank B. Howard, Joe Frazier and H. Todd Miles

Base Pair Breakage, Stability and Melting of the Double Helix

Short RNA Duplex Stability: Contribution from Non-Base-Paired Residues to the Direction of Stacking
D. Alkema, R. A. Bell, P. A. Hader and T. Neilson

Why Do Nucleic Acids Form Helices?
Douglas H. Turner, Matthew Petersheim, Diane DePrisco Albergo, T. G. Dewey and Susan M. Freier

High Reslution Thermal Dispersion Profiles of DNA
R. D. Blake, F. Vosaman and C. E. Tarr

Base Sequence and Melting Thermodynamics Determine the Position of pBR322 Fragments in Two-Dimensional DNA Gel Electrophoresis
L. S. Lerman, S. G. Fischer, D. B. Bregman and K. J. Silverstei

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