Copper Chemistry

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Biological & Inorganic Copper Chemistry Volume 2
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Copper Coordination Chemistry: Biochemical & Inorganic Perspectives
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Biological & Inorganic Copper Chemistry Volume 2

Kenneth D. Karlin & Jon Zubieta

Contents Volume 2


Edward S. Thompson

Dioxygen Chemistry and Catalysis

Copper-Dioxygen Chemistry. Synthesis, Properties and Reactions of Cu(II)-Superoxide and -Peroxide Complexes
Jeffrey S. Thompson

Reversible Reactions of Dioxygen with Synthetic Copper(I) Complexes Under Ambient Conditions
John A. Goodwin, David M. Stanbury and Lon J. Wilson

Substrate Binding and Dioxygen Activation at Dicopper Sites
S. Martin Neslon, Jadwiga Trocha-Grimshaw, Aidan Lavery, Kieran P. McKillop and Michael G. B. Drew

Binuclear Copper Complexes: Synthetic Models for the Active Site of Type III Copper Proteins
Thomas N. Sorrell

Copper Catalyzed Oxidation of Phenol. An Alternative Method for the Industrial Production of Hydroquinone
James E. Lyons and Chao-Yang Hsu

The Synthesis and Structure of Halo(diamine)copper(I) Complexes and a Phenoxide Derivative
Deborah A. Haitko and Mary F. Garbauskas

Reactions of α-Diketones and o-Quinones with Metallic Copper and Dioxygen
Gábor Speier and Zoltán Tyeklár

The Reversible Binding and Activation of Dioxygen with Dinuclear Copper Complex Systenms
Kenneth D. Karlin, Richard W. Cruse, Yilma Gultneh, Jon C. Hayes, Jeffrey W. McKown and Jon Zubieta

Aprotic Reduction of Dioxygen by L4Cu4 and Transmetalation of L4Cu4 and L4Cu4Y2 Complexes (Y = O or CO3) by M)NS)2 Reagents
G.-Z. Cai, G. Davies, M. A. El-Sayed, A. El-Toukhy and T. R. Gilbert

Coordination Chemistry; Protein Models

Micellar Hemin-Copper(I) Binuclear Ions. Potential Models for Reduced and Mixed-Valent Oxygen Reductase Sites in Cyrtochrome Oxidase
Scott S. Sibbett and James K. Hurst

Copper Chelates with Azole-Containing Ligands as Cooroborative and Speculative Model Compounds for Copper Proteins
Jan Reedijk, Willem L. Driessen and Jocobus van Rijn

Binuclear Copper Complexes Containing Hydroxo, Phenoxo, Alkoxo or Thiolato Bridging Groups in Models for a Copper Binding Polymer (Sirorez CU) and Related Systems
David E. Fenton

Copper(II) Complexes of Sciff Base Ligands Derived from Pyrrole-2,5-dicarboxaldehyde and from 2-acetoacetylpyrrole
David E. Fenton

Structures and Properties of Homo- and hetero-Binuclear and polynuclear Complexes Containing Copper
Ekkehard Sinn

Synthesis, Redox and Structural Properties of Copper Complexes with Tridentate Ligands
J. M. Latour, B. A. Leonard, D. Limosin, D. C. Povey and S. S. Tandon

Biomimetic Systems for the “Visible” Copper-site CuA in Cytochrome c Oxidase
Hans Toftlund and Jan Becher

Transmetalation of Tetranuclear Copper(II) Complexes
G.-Z. Cai, G. Davies, M. A. El-Sayed, A. El-Toukhy, T. R. Gilbert, M. Henary, K. D. Onan and M. Veidis

Organometallic Copper Complexes

Binuclear Complexes and Higher Order Clusters Containing Copper
G. Doyle, K. A. Eriksen and D. Van Engen

Rational Syntheses of Copper Polyhydride Complexes
Kenneth G. Caulton, Garry V. Goeden, Timothy H. Lemmen, Larry F. Rhodes and John C. Huffman

Some Synthetic and Structural Aspects of Neutral Organocuprate Reagents CunLimRn+m: The Asymmetric Bonding Configuration of the Bridging Organo Group
Gerard van Koten, Johann T. B. H. Jastrzebski, Casper H. Stam and Christian Bervard

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