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Biological & Inorganic Copper Chemistry Volume 1

Kenneth D. Karlin & Jon Zubieta

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Edward I. Solomon

Copper Proteins

The Blue Copper Binding Site: From the Rack or Tailor Made?
David R. McMillin and Helen R. Engeseth

NMR Studies on Copper(II) Containing Biological Molecules
Ivano Bertini and Claudio Luchinat

Structural Studies on Non-Blue Copper Proteins. Comparison of EXAFS with X-Ray Crystallography Using Interactive Molecular Graphics
N. J. Blackburn and S. S. Hasnain

Copper EXAFS of Cytochrome c Oxidase. Structure of the a3-CuB Binuclear Site
Robert A. Scott, James R. Schwartz and Stephen R. Cramer

Studies of Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase: The Role of Zinc and of the Essential Arginyl Residue
Joan Selverstone Valentine, James A. Roe, Alison Butler and Duarte Mota de Freitas

Hemocyanin Cooperativigty: A Copper Coordination Chemistry Perspective
Christopher A. Reed

Characteristics of the Rate-Determining Step(s) of the Reaction Catalyzed by Galactose Oxidase and a Model Complex Cu(II)-Tetrapyridine
James J. Driscoll and Daniel J. Kosman

The Structyure of Copper(II) Poly(L-Lysine) Complexes
Coleen M. Young and Frederick T. Greenway

The Preparation and Characterization of a Mixed Metal Derivative of Laccase
M. Michelle Morie-Bebel, Janelle I. Menzie and David R. McMillin

Thermodynamics of Ligand Substitution Reactions of Tetragonal Cu(II) Sites in Proteins
David M. Dooley, Michele A. McBuirl and Phoebe A. Mix

Modulations of Heme Environments by Protein Modifications in Copper Reconstituted Hemoglobins
Periakaruppan T. Manoharan, Kenneth Alston and Joseph M. Rifking

Medicinal Copper Chemistry

DNA-scission and Antiproliferative Activities of L-ascorbate in the Presence of Copper Ion and a Copper-tripeptide Complex
Shyh-Horng Chiou, Naoyuki Ohtsu and Klaus G. Bensch

Formation of Adducts Between Cupric Complexes of Known Antitumor Agents and Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells
W. E. Antholine, Susanne Lyman, David H. Petering and Loren Pickart

Possible Medicinal Uses of Copper Complexes
Rosalie K. Crouch, Thomas W. Kensler, Larry W. Oberley and John R. J. Sorenson

Paraquat Toxicity is Mediated by Transition Metals
Ron Kohen and Mordechai Chevion

Physical Characteristics of Copper Compounds

Magnetic Properties of Copper(II) Chain Compounds
William E. Hatfield and Leonard W. ter Haar

Interaction Between Copper(II) Ions Through Azido and Cyanato Bridges: Spin Polarization Effects
Olivier Kahn and Marie-Laure Boillot

EPR of Copper Clusters in Molecular Metal Oxidew
G. Kokoszka, F. Padula and A. R. Siedle

Electron Transfer in Binuclear Mixed-Valence Copper(II)-Copper(I) Complexes
David N. Hendrickson, Russell C. Long, Yeong Tsyr Hwang and Hsiu-Rong Chang

Sensitivity Anaysis in Multifrequency EPR Spectroscopy
James S. Hyde, William E. Antholine and Riccardo Basosi

5- and 6-Coordinated Cu2+-Complexes with Terpyridine Ligands–Cases of Dynamic Static and Cooperative Jahn-Teller Interactions
D. Reinen

Use of UV/VIS and EPR Spectroscopy for the Determination of Stabilities and Structures of Cupric Complexes in Solution
Harald Gampp, Charles J. Meyer, Marcel Maeder and Andreas D. Zuberhühler

Magnetic Susceptibility of Di-µ-bromo-bis ([bromobis(tetramethylene sulfoxide)-copper(II)], Cu2Br4(C4H8SO)4: An Antiferromagnetic Dimer
C. P. Landee and R. E. Greeney

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