Albany 2003: Conversation 13

category image Albany 2003
Conversation 13
June 17-21 2003

Abstracts: Requirements & Deadlines

Poster abstracts and abstracts of invited lectures are due on or before March 1, 2003. If you are requesting time to provide a lecture based on the poster, the abstracts must be received by February 1, 2003. If the abstract is not selected for lecture, it is understood that poster alone will be presented.

The abstracts of Albany 2003:The Thirteenth Conversation will appear in the June 2003 issue of the J. Biomole. Struct. Dyn. The abstract must not exceed one printed page in the Journal and must contain phone, fax and email numbers, in addition to complete postal address. The abstracts should be emailed as text file or attached document, MS word (Mac or PC )to both the emails: adriannep@adeninepress.com; rhs07@albany.edu. If your abstract contains diagrams (color or black & white), please include them within the MS word document, i.e., send a single MS word file with diagrams.

We request the scientists from Balkan Nations not to use the accents endemic to their language in making the abstract. These accents are very difficult to reproduce at the web. Further, they are lost in the email attachments. Please do not use them.

We are unable to process abstracts received on paper, either typed or faxed.

We are delighted to note that Government of India has appointed Prof. Harold Scheraga as the Ramachandran Professor. The legendary G. N. Ramachandran, back in the 1950s with primitive equipment propounded the triple helical structure of collagen. Then placed protein structure determination on a bed rock foundation by discovering the Ramachandran Plots.

We are pleased to offer two Ramachnadran books at 50-60% discount.

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