Conversation 10: Proceedings

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Structure, Motion, Interaction and Expression of Biological Macromolecules Volumes One and Two, Hard Cover 1998

The Proceedings of the Tenth Conversation held at The University-SUNY, Albany NY, June 17-21, 1997

Editors: Sarma & Sarma

ISBN: 0-940030-76-4 Volume 1;
ISBN: 0-940030-77-2 Volume 2;
ISBN: 0-940030-75-6 2 Volume Set

Just like the Conversation program, they constitute a tour de force in the discipline.

Structure, Motion, Interaction and Expression of Biological Macromolecules Volume 1

DNA conformation in crystals and protein complexes; DNA tetraplexes and i-motifs; mixed strand DNAs; immobile slipped-loop DNA motifs; macro- and microscopic DNA deformations; DNA molecular dynamics with environmental effects; bendability, curvature and malleability of genomic DNA; DNA bending by small molecules; DNA recognition by peptide nucleic acid; DNA as a catalyst; a new atomic force microscopy for DNA imaging; looking at protein-DNA interactions and DNA kinking by high resolution imaging.

DNA recognition by polyamides, the use of a GC specific reading element; DNA complexes of anticancer drugs; design of drugs to specifically bind to DNA; binding into the minor groove of DNA; conformational transition of DNA-ligand complexes; rational design of ligands and drugs to bind to DNA and RNA; modeling of DNA replication intermediates.

Volume 1, in its 298 pages, contains 24 chapters with 862 references to literature, 49 tables and 197 figures; 47 of the figures are four-color processed renditions.

Editors: Sarma & Sarma

Contents Volume 1

Nobel Laureate Phil Sharp addressing the Tenth Conversation.

Franklin C. Salisbury: A Visionary in Cancer Research
Ramaswamy H. Sarma

In Memory of Bernard Pullman
Harold A. Scheraga

Sequence-Dependent B-DNA Conformation in Crystals and in Protein Complexes
Richard E. Dickerson

High Resolution Crystallographic Studies of a Parallel-Stranded Guanine Tetraplex
Kathryn Phillips, Zbyszek Dauter, Alastair I. H. Murchie, David M.J. Lilley and Ben Luisi

Switching and Looping in i-motif Structures
J-L. Leroy, S. Nonin, X. Han, A. T. Phan and M. Guéron

Structure of the d(5mCCTCC) tetramer from Leroy et al.

Nucleic Acid Duplexes with Mixed Strand Disposition and Alpha Anomeric Nucleotides: Design and Structural Analysis
Markus W. Germann

Immobile Slipped-Loop Structures of DNA in Solution
Nikolai B. Ulyanov, Valery I. Ivanov, Elvira E. Minyat, Elena B. Khomyakova, Maria V. Petrova, Krystyna Lesiak and Thomas L. James

Modelling Macroscopic and Microscopic Deformations of DNA
Anne Lebrun, Delphine Flatters and Richard Lavery

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nucleic Acids in Solution: How Sensitive Are the Results to Small Pertubations in the Force Field and Environment?
Thomas E. Cheatham, III and Peter A. Kollman

Prediction of Bendability and Curvature in Genomic DNA
Andrei Gabrielian, Kristian Vlahovicek, Mircea G. Munteanu, M. Michael Gromiha, Ivan Brukner, R. Sanchez and Sándor Pongor

DNA Recognition by Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA)
Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

A Small and Efficient Catalytic DNA
Yingfu Li and Dipankar Sen

MacMode: A New AFM for Biological Imaging
S.M. Lindsay, Wenhai Han, Tianwei Jing, Judy Zhu and James Hudson

Optical Imaging Approach to Study Protein-DNA Interaction and Nuclear Organization in Cultured Living Cells
Han Htun, Dawn Walker and Gordon L. Hager

DNA Kinking as Imaged with a New High-Resolution AFM
Mensur Dlakic, Wenhai Han, S.M. Lindsay and Rodney E. Harrington

DNA Sequence Recognition in the Minor Groove by Polyamides, Using a GC-Specific Reading Element: A Perspective from Crystallography
Mary L. Kopka, Gye Won Han, David S. Goodsell, Thang Kien Chiu, Wynn L. Walker, J. W. Lown and Richard E. Dickerson

Molecular Recognition Between DNA and Chiral Intercalative Metalloprobes
Kymberley A. Vickery, Antonio M. Bonin, Robert S. Vagg and Peter A. Williams

NMR Studies of the Anticancer Drug Pepleomycin and Its Complexes with DNA
Janet Caceres-Cortes, Hiroshi Sugiyami, Kenji Ikudome, Isao Saito and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Structure-Based Design of Nucleic Acid Binding Drugs
Q. Chen, I. D. Kuntz and R. H. Shafer

Structural Studies on Minor Groove Binder: DNA Interactions
J. William Lown

DNA Bending by Small Molecules: Studies with Calicheamicin
Aaron A. Salzberg and Peter C. Dedon

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Conformational Transitions of Complexes of DNA With Ligands Having Several Types of Binding Sites on Different Forms of DNA
Armen T. Karapetian, Nune M. Mehrabian, Genady A. Terzikian, Ara P. Antonian, Pogos O. Vardevanian and Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii

Modeling DNA Replication Intermediates
Debjani Roy, Brian E. Hingerty, Robert Shapiro and Suse Broyde

Ligands for DNA and RNA
Kenneth T. Douglas

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