Albany 2019: 20th Conversation - Abstracts

category image Albany 2019
Conversation 20
June 11-15 2019
Adenine Press (2019)

A Comprehensive Automated Computer-Aided Discovery Pipeline from Genomes to Hit Molecules

Ruchika Bhat, Rahul Kaushik , Ankita Singh , Debarati DasGupta , Abhilash Jayaraj , Anjali Soni, Ashutosh Shandilya, Vandana Shekhar, Shashank Shekhar and, B. Jayaram

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A Novel Indoline scaffold based Antibacterial Compound Designing and Pharmacological Evaluation using Chemoinformatics approach

Aarushi Singh and , Ramesh Chandra

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Cancer Vaccine Designing and Optimization using Combined Immunoinformatics and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach

Neeraj Kumar and , Ramesh Chandra,

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Interaction of Noscapine with Human Serum Albumin (HSA): A Spectroscopic and Molecular Modelling Approach

Heerak Chugh and, Ramesh Chandra,

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Tongue tumour protein BAH14511.1 Sequence analysis and homology modelling to find out interacting binder network through molecular docking

Snigdha Singh and , Ramesh Chandra,

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Dynamics changes of CRISPR-Cas9 system induced by high fidelity mutations

Liangzhen Zheng, and, Yuguang Mu

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In Silico Assessment of Progesterone Receptor Ligand Binding Domain Using Molecular Dynamic: A new insight into breast cancer treatment

Vahid Zarezade, Marzie Abolghasemi, Fakher Rahim, Ali Veisi,

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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy-based metabolomics analysis of Posterior Cingulate in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: A Systematic Review Study

Kiarash Shirbandi , Mohammad Davoodi , Elmira Hosseini , Fakher Rahim , Babak Arjmand ,

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